MainWP Child – Securely Connects Sites to the MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard


This is a Child Plugin for β€œMainWP Dashboard” that connects your WordPress sites to the MainWP Dashboard.

The MainWP, a complete WordPress Management solution, is self-hosted, open source, and private, allowing you to control multiple WordPress websites (even those on different hosting) from your own WordPress website.

MainWP is the perfect solution for
– Agencies
– Freelancers
– Developers
– Designers
– Consultants
– Marketers
– In fact, anyone who wants to manage multiple WordPress sites

Here’s Why WordPress Managers Love MainWP!

πŸ’° Free Forever
πŸ… White Label
♾️ Connect Unlimited Websites
🌐 Track Updates via Browser with MainWP Browser Extension
πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Manage all Sites, Users, Plugins, Themes, Updates
πŸ‘₯ Full Client Management
🏷️ Organize Sites & Clients via Colorful Tags
πŸ•’ Uptime & Site Health Monitoring
🚩 1-Click Lighthouse Stats for all Sites
πŸ”„ Effortless Bulk Updates
🚧 Staging, Cloning
πŸ“ Professional Reports for Clients
πŸ’¬ Bulk Manage Comments
πŸ›‘οΈ Bulk Manage Security
πŸš€ Purge Cache from the Dashboard
✏️ Fully Customizable
πŸ” Domain & SSL Certificate Monitoring
πŸ”‘ Passwordless 1-click Login to all Connected Sites
πŸ”’ Full Privacy, Self-hosted, Lock Your Dashboard
😌 Bulk Content Management (Draft, Publish, Edit, Trash)
βž• Perform Pressable hosting-specific tasks

With MainWP, you can easily manage & control settings for several plugins/services directly from the dashboard.

πŸ—ƒοΈ UpdraftPlus, WPvivid, WP Staging, BackWPup, BackupBuddy, Time Capsule
πŸ”’ Termageddon, Wordfence, Jetpack Protect & Scan, Sucuri, iThemes Security, Virusdie, Activity Log, Security Ninja
πŸš€ WP Rocket, WP Compress, Google Lighthouse Stats
βœ… Atarim, WooCommerce, Database Updater
πŸ“ˆ Yoast, SEOPress, Google Analytics (GA4), Matomo Stats
🌐 Uptime Robot, NodePing, Site24x7, Better Uptime

And a lot more. πŸ‘‰ Free vs. Pro: Know the Difference


First, Install and Activate the MainWP WordPress Manager Dashboard plugin on a WordPress site you will use for controlling all other sites; this is your Dashboard Site.

We highly recommend this be a new, clean WordPress installation and not on one of your production sites. Using a clean site helps to eliminate any unnecessary plugin conflicts or security issues.

Next, Install and Activate the MainWP Child plugin (this plugin) on all the WordPress sites you want to connect to your MainWP Dashboard. WordPress sites connected to your Dashboard are referred to as Child Sites.

Once connected, you can manage them from your MainWP Dashboard.

Still not sure how MainWP works? Review these detailed steps on installing your Dashboard and connecting your first Child Site.

Features Include:

  • Connect and control all your WordPress installs, even those on different hosts!
  • Update all WordPress installs, Plugins, and Themes from one location
  • Manage and Add all your Posts from one location
  • Manage and Add all your Pages from one location
  • Run everything from one Dashboard!
  • One-click login to your Child Sites
  • Easy plugin management (Bulk update, add, remove, etc.)
  • Fully customizable
  • Self-Hosted, Private, and Open Source

πŸ‘‰ View all features

To know more about the MainWP WordPress management system, take a look at the MainWP Dashboard.

More Information


  • Quick Setup Wizard
  • Add New Site Screen
  • Manage Sites Screen
  • Install Plugins Screen
  • Install Themes Screen
  • Add New User Screen
  • Manage Posts Screen
  • MainWP Settings Screen
  • Global Dashboard Screen
  • Manage Clients Screen


Install & Activate this (MainWP Child) plugin on all your WordPress sites (called Child Sites) that you want to control directly from your Dashboard site.

This acts as a bridge to communicate with the Dashboard site.

Or, Review these detailed steps on setting up MainWP


Do I need any other plugins for MainWP?

Yes, you need to install the MainWP Child Plugin on the sites you want to control with the Dashboard plugin.

Do you have any documentation?

Yes, please review the documentation site.

I just want to start using MainWP, do you have a Quick Start Guide?

Yes, please read the Quick Start – Setting up your MainWP.

Where do I go for support or to ask for help?

Please post in the MainWP Community, or feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between ManageWP and MainWP?

Essentially MainWP and ManageWP provide the same type of service but with different philosophies on WordPress management.

ManageWP is a Service as a Solution (SaaS) property owned by GoDaddy. The SaaS system makes ManageWP a type of “Walled Garden” with limited customization options.

MainWP follows the tradition of WordPress and is open source, private, and fully extendable. The fact that MainWP is open source and extendable means you have almost unlimited customization options, allowing you to run your WordPress management business as you see fit.

πŸ‘‰ ManageWP vs. MainWP: Know the Difference

How do I know my sites are secure using MainWP?

We take security very seriously at MainWP. We welcome any peer review of our 100% open source code to ensure nobody’s MainWP management system is ever compromised or hacked.

We participate in the HackerOne bug bounty program; this allows ethical hackers to review MainWP code and directly share any vulnerability information with us in return for a monetary reward.

We are also a part of the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program, which assists in enhancing the security of MainWP plugins.

Where do I report security bugs found in MainWP?

You can report any security bugs found in the source code of MainWP plugins through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment and take care of notifying us.

How do I customize MainWP for my needs?

If you want to make some basic changes to the look of your Dashboard, you can use our prebuilt Custom Dashbboard Extension, or if you want to dig in and build Extensions, you can learn all about developing Extension at

I have an idea for MainWP; how do I let you know?

Please follow the steps outlined in the MainWP Feature Requests so you can add your idea to the MainWP Community to be voted on.

I have more questions, do you have any other information?

Yes, we have a quick FAQ with a lot more questions and answers here.


22 junija, 2022 1 reply
This plugin works perfectly. It offers you a very good way to manage your websites. I've used other systems before, but MainWP stands head and shoulders above the rest.
6 novembra, 2020
powerful tool for the administration of many WordPress
28 oktobra, 2020
It is a great plugin, no doubt, but ... sometimes it has flaws that are not easily explained, such as not being able to create the "uploads" folder or saying that a certain site already has a link to the plugin, when it is not even installed. Whose fault is it: the wordpress, the plugin or the user? As it is not easily explained I do not know ... for what in doubt, and for everything else that made life easier for me, 5 stars.
4 novembra, 2019
If you want to keep your data private then this tool will work for you. We are planning to move all our client websites over to MainWP.
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5.0 – 2-27-2024

  • Added: Support for the new API Backups providers – cPanel and Plesk
  • Updated: Updated the phpSecLib library to enhance security and performance.

4.6 – 1-3-2024

  • Refactored: Updated and optimized the plugin codebase to align with the latest WordPress coding standards, contributing to better compatibility and performance.

See Video Changelog

4.5.3 – 11-6-2023

  • Fixed: Compatibility with the MainWP WooCommerce Status Extension to fully support WooCommerce HPOS.
  • Fixed: Potential functionality issues arising from the disabled state of the php_uname function within PHP environments.
  • Added: Support for the %do-not-update% token within the MainWP BackWPup Extension to improve update management.

See Video Changelog

4.5.2 – 10-16-2023

  • Added: Support for the Dashboard Insights logging
  • Added: Encryption process for the connection Dashboard URL info
  • Updated: Unique Security ID random string generate process

See Video Changelog

4.5.1 – 9-5-2023

  • Fixed: Problem with loading tabs content on the MainWP Child settings page
  • Fixed: An issue with selecting Clone options
  • Fixed: Usability problem with file name sanitation for the File Uploader
  • Updated: Removed clone options for all users except for the Admin user that is used for establishing the connection with the MainWP Dashboard

4.5 – 8-15-2023

  • Added: Support for alternative OpenSSL signature verification algorithm
  • Added: PHPSecLib as a fallback for missing or Misconfigured OpenSSL
  • Added: New encryption & decryption system for safer storing sensitive data
  • Added: Support for searching for Not installed plugins
  • Added: New PHPCodeSniffer rulesets
  • Updated: Removed MD5 as a fallback for setups where OpenSSL is not available – 6-19-2023

  • Fixed: File Uploader extension-related issue where underscore replaces dots in a file path
  • Fixed: An issue with the negative search feature
  • Updated: Plugin info in readme.txt – 6-8-2023

  • Fixed: Potential issues caused by incorrect FileSystem settings
  • Updated: Logging system related to the Cache-Control Extension
  • Updated: Database export process related to the Cloning feature – 5-9-2023

  • Fixed: Potential conflict with the Oxygen Builder 4.6
  • Fixed: WP Rocket plugin compatibility problems

4.4.1 – 4-18-2023

  • Fixed: An issue with saving code snippets
  • Fixed: A problem with removing allowed tags in post titles
  • Fixed: Multiple PHP warnings
  • Added: Check for specific hosts that disable WordPress Core updates for users – 3-30-2023

  • Fixed: JS conflict caused by the Hide Jetpack plugin feature – 3-30-2023

  • Fixed: An issue with adding sites caused by incompatible filesystem
  • Updated: Support for the Jetpack Scan extension
  • Updated: Compatibility for older WordPress versions – 3-16-2023

  • Fixed: Problem with downloading backup files from Child sites
  • Fixed: PHP 7.0 compatibility issue
  • Added: Elementor Pro support for the Database Updater Extension
  • Added: Support for new caching plugins for the Cache-Control Extension
  • Updated: Delete Non-MainWP changes process to delete actions from child sites – 3-9-2023

  • Fixed: PHP 7.0 compatibility warning
  • Fixed: Incorrect Wordfence scans count
  • Fixed: Cosmetic issues caused by escaping HTML tags in notifications
  • Updated: Increased the PHP version minimal requirement to PHP 7.4

4.4 – 2-20-2023

  • Added: support for new extensions
  • Preventative: Multiple security enhancements

4.3.1 – 12-14-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with repeating Non-MainWP changes
  • Updated: PHP 8.1 compatibility improvements
  • Preventative: Multiple security enhancements – 11-24-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with logging Non-MainWP changes for the connected admin user
  • Removed: Unused DB field

4.3 – 11-16-2022

  • Fixed: Multiple PHP warnings
  • Added: Support for new security checks
  • Added: Support for the Non-MainWP Changes feature
  • Removed: Unused code

4.2.6 – 8-26-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with support for the new extension

4.2.5 – 8-25-2022

  • Added: Support for the new extension
  • Fixed: An issue with displaying PHP errors
  • Fixed: A problem with the database optimization process related to the Maintenance extension

4.2.4 – 7-14-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with falling back to the Filesystem API in chrooted configurations
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with the new version of the WP Staging plugin
  • Fixed: A problem with overwriting page attributes

4.2.3 – 5-16-2022

  • Added: Swift Performance Pro to the Purge Cache system

4.2.2 – 5-10-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with detecting abandoned plugins and themes on specific setups
  • Fixed: An issue with running scheduled events on specific setups
  • Added: Nginx Helper to the Purge Cache system
  • Added: Nitropack to the Purge Cache system
  • Added: Autoptimize to the Purge Cache system
  • Updated: Tested up to tag to WP 6.0

4.2.1 – 4-14-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with setting BackupBuddy plugin Settings
  • Fixed: An issue with generating client reports on setups with large amounts of data
  • Updated: URLs changed to
  • Updated: privacy-policy.txt file

4.2 – 4-5-2022

  • Fixed: An issue with detecting abandoned plugins and themes on some setups
  • Fixed: An issue with the update process getting stuck on specific server configurations
  • Fixed: An issue with syncing Wordfence extension data
  • Added: Plugin privacy policy file to the plugin directory
  • Added: Support for the Negative Search feature
  • Added: Support for the feature that prevents the parent theme of the active child theme from being deleted
  • Added: Support for the automatic cache clearing after updates feature

4.1.10 – 2-16-2022

  • Fixed: Problem with loading UpdrafPlus data when $updraftplus_admin returns an empty value
  • Fixed: Problem with posting images
  • Fixed: Problem with loading Wordfence Scan data in reports
  • Updated: Multiple error messages
  • Updated: Incorrect links

4.1.9 – 12-28-2021

  • Fixed: Problem with saving UpdraftPlus settings
  • Fixed: Error with posting images
  • Fixed: Error with recording Wordfence scans for reports
  • Fixed: Version comparison issue for OpenSSL version
  • Updated: PHP 8 compatibility
  • Updated: Added authorEmail to the sync output (PR284 – thanks Kim Vinberg)

4.1.8 – 10-21-2021

  • Fixed: An error with missing metadata in the posting process
  • Fixed: An error with logging Wordfence scans
  • Fixed: New iThemes Security version compatibility problems
  • Fixed: New WP Staging version compatibility problems
  • Added: Support to define MAINWP_CHILD_UNIQUEID constant
  • Added: Custom CSS classes to the White Label support form elements
  • Added: ‘mainwp_child_before_update’ action to hook in before the update process starts
  • Added: ‘mainwp_child_after_update’ action to hook in after the update process completes
  • Updated: Disconnected site warning message style
  • Updated: Reworded error messages
  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements – 10-1-2021

  • Updated: OpenSSL version requirement to 1.1.0 or greater

4.1.7 – 6-29-21

  • Added: Support for the new Vulnerability Checker API – 4-16-21

  • Fixed: An issue with disconnecting sites
  • Fixed: An issue with applying custom branding

4.1.6 – 4-15-21

  • Added: Support for the function to trigger the Check for Abandoned plugins and themes process
  • Updated: Multiple performance improvements

4.1.5 – 3-18-21

  • Fixed: An issue with uploading files with an underscore in the file name
  • Fixed: Multiple PHP Warnings
  • Updated: Compatibility with the latest UpdraftPlus plugin version
  • Updated: Compatibility with the latest BackWPup plugin version
  • Updated: Compatibility with the latest WP Rocket plugin version

4.1.4 – 1-21-21

  • Updated: Compatibility with the latest WP Staging plugin version
  • Updated: Compatibility with the latest WP Time Capsule plugin version
  • Updated: Multiple DocBlock comments
  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements – 12-30-20

  • Fixed: An issue with uploading images in posts and pages
  • Updated: New WP Rocket plugin version compatibility
  • Updated: Support for new UpdraftPlus Backups plugin options
  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements

4.1.3 – 12-3-20

  • Fixed: An issue with publishing custom post type content
  • Fixed: An issue with loading BackWPup backups
  • Fixed: An issue with searching Posts and Pages
  • Fixed: Multiple usability issues
  • Fixed: An issue with saving custom branding settings
  • Updated: Support for new Wordfence options

4.1.2 – 10-8-20

  • Removed: unused system information check

4.1.1 – 10-7-20

  • Fixed: An issue with creating new users
  • Fixed: An issue with cloning sites
  • Fixed: An issue with creating post tags
  • Updated: Multiple database query improvements
  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements

4.1 – 9-9-20

  • Fixed: An issue with posting Custom Post Types
  • Fixed: Multiple PHP Warnings
  • Added: New actions and filters
  • Added: phpDocs blocks for code documentation
  • Updated: refactored the code to meet WordPress coding standards
  • Updated: WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements – 8-6-20

  • Updated: WordPress 5.5 compatibility – 4-30-20