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Backup Guard is the most complete WordPress backup plugin. We offer the easiest way to Backup, Restore and Migrate your WordPress website. You can backup and restore your WordPress files, database or both.

Download BackupGuard Pro here: https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress

Free backup features

  • Backup site – backup site as many times as you want
  • Backup files, database or both
  • Choose which folders to backup
  • Choose which database tables to backup
  • Restore site – restore backups whenever needed
  • Selective files or database restoration
  • Download backups – download your backups on your computer
  • Import backups – upload your backups to restore (no FTP required)
  • Multisite WordPress Network is supported
  • Backup cancellation – cancel the backup process
  • Explore backup or restore log files
  • Ability to specify custom exclude paths
  • Ability to exclude database tables
  • Live progress – precise progress of the current backup or restore
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Scheduled site backups – setup automatic site backups

See BackupGuard Free in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt6XoP69c0M

Pro backup features

  • Migrate site – migrate site from one domain to another
  • Fully automatic migration – no any find & replace rules are required for migration
  • Multiple scheduled backups – schedule your database and files to backup with different frequencies
  • Upload to Dropbox, G Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive & SFTP/FTP
  • Import from Dropbox, G Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive & SFTP/FTP
  • Mail notifications – get email when backup or restore gets finished
  • Alert before updating – get an alert to backup the website before updating
  • Customize backup naming – specify your custom backup prefix
  • Backups retention – specify the number of backups you want to keep on your server
  • Backups cloud path – specify a custom cloud path where your site backups should be uploaded
  • Background backup mode – backup site in low priority mode
  • Emergency support – up to 24 hours

See BackupGuard Pro in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSPgmrSu-ls


A WordPress site migration is an easy task if performed properly. There are three different migration scenarios:

  • Migrate site from a subdirectory of a domain to the root directory
  • Migrate site from a local installation to a remote installation
  • Migrate site between domains or hosts

Backup Guard free version will help you migrate your website in case there is no change in the domain or the Database prefix.
If there is any change in the domain or the DB prefix, Backup Guard Pro will be of use.

Backup Guard Pro helps you to migrate in all of the above mentioned three cases in the smoothest possible way. You just have to Backup your site and Restore it in the new location. No additional work will be required, since we handle all changes for you.

The issues that users always deal with are: wrong site URL, images not loading, dashboard not being accessible, permalinks not working and more.

Backup Guard Pro will help you to skip all these problems because of its advanced refactoring and migrating engine.


The documentation can be found here: https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress/doc

This is how backup operates

  • No extra libraries required
  • Support of large websites
  • New archive format: faster and smaller than Zip or Tar
  • Works in low memory & shared hosting environments
  • Serialized data refactoring for proper migration

Backup Guard min. requirements

  • Free requires – PHP 5.3.3, zlib, WordPress 3.8
  • Pro requires – PHP 5.3.3, zlib, curl, WordPress 3.8
  • Note: Dropbox SDK requires 64-bit system. Backup Guard will also require 64-bit system if the website is larger than 2GB.

More info at: https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress




  • Backup WordPress
  • Website backup and migration
  • Schedule a site backup
  • Backup cloud integrations
  • Backup status mail notifications
  • Site backup customization


How to install?

  • Install Free version: here
  • Install Pro version: here

Does Backup Guard provide migration with the free version?

It is possible to use migration with the free version if:
1. There is no change in the domain.
2. There is no change in the Database prefix.
Please note that even a single symbol change counts as a migration that should be done with the Pro version

Can I use BackupGuard to migrate a website?

The answer is Yes, you can! Backup Guard Pro supports advanced migration functionality which will help you easily migrate your website from one domain to another. All urls, images and other domain-dependent data will be properly refactored and deployed for the new domain.

What is included in the basic (free) plan?

Backup Guard Free gives you the ability to backup or restore your website as many times as you want. You can also download your backups and import them in other websites where Backup Guard is installed and running.

Why should I purchase Backup Guard Pro?

Although Backup Guard Free gives you the ability to backup and restore your website as many times as you want, your backups will only reside on your server. With our Pro plans you can upload your backups to the cloud of your preference, schedule your backups, receive notifications, and many other features.

That’s not all, if you are a paid user, you will receive priority/emergency support and finally, only with our Platinum plan, you will receive “unlimited plans” license which will allow you to install Backup Guard on as many websites as you want.

Backup Guard PRO

How to fix “MySQL server has gone away” error?

While restoring your database you may encounter “MySQL server has gone away” warning. There are generally two main causes for this error: 1) the server timed out and closed the connection and 2) server dropped an incorrect or too large packet.
To fix the issue you will have to contact your hosting provider and ask them increase the size of these two values: max_allowed_packet & wait_timeout

How do I Restore my Backup?

This documentation describes the basic steps you should follow for proper restoration: https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress/doc/restore-website

How do I download my Backup archive?

This documentation describes the basic steps you should follow for downloading your backup archives: https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress/doc/download-backup

How do I extract my Backup archive?

This documentation describes the basic steps you should follow for extracting your backup archives: https://backup-guard.com/products/backup-wordpress/doc/extract-sgbp

Something is not working, what should I do?

No software is perfect and we are not the exception. There are tons of different servers and configurations and something may go wrong in one of them.

When you are facing an issue of any kind with any of our products, the first thing to do is contacting us. We are here to help you, give you tips, advices and even create fixes/patches or features whenever needed.


26 januarja, 2021
I backed up my website, then purposefully deleted a page (and permanently deleted from trash) and removed a different plugin. I then restored the site using BackupGuard and found a perfect restoration of what I removed. Page and plugin were back and all worked again. I have not tried migration yet so I can't comment on that. Also, it would be great if Restore would restore the version of WordPress that it was on when the backup ran. I ran the backup before updating WordPress, then updated WordPress to 5.6, then ran the restore hoping it would restore the older WP version, but it didn't. 5.6 was still installed. I think it's the same for updated versions of plugins. If a plugin gets updated after the backup, it doesn't seem to restore the old version of the plugin. If a plugin crashes your site, you may not be able to fix that with a restore. Otherwise, this is a super easy and super fast plugin that does the job. Will make 5 stars if after more testing there are more successes.
22 januarja, 2021
The backup and restoration process has been quick and painless. In comparison to Updraft, it was much faster and didn't waste my time with countless errors. According to them, it's also encrypted, which is a plus. I must note that I am now using the pro version, so I was able to configure scheduled, customized backups, and save them to a custom folder to Google cloud. I didn't like that Dropbox was the only cloud storage option on the free version of Backupguard. One unfavorable thing I did encounter was during a manual backup. I kept getting redirected to the Cloud settings tab, so I had to click a few times on the Backup tab to see its progress. Other than that, I am looking forward to testing out a site migration.
16 januarja, 2021
This plugin is a lifesaver! I can spend my time doing what matters and let BackupGuard do the work. After migrating a site manually for the first time, I realized I needed to find a reliable plugin to do this automatically. BackupGuard Pro allows me to save weekly copies directly to my GoogleDrive, and whenever I need it, I can restore with a click of a button. It's magic and so easy to setup. The migration tools worked perfectly. I'm a newbie with WordPress, and I find this feature amazing because I often needed to transfer websites' domain and hostings. That is awesome. I did have an issue the first time trying to download the backups and doing the migration, but after a few discussions with the support, we found that I needed to enable "Download via PHP". Congrats on the great work.
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  • Deactivation survey removed
  • PHP 8 related fixes


  • Fix error message when no cloud is selected
  • Fix localization issue


  • Fixed bug related to connection timeout and blocking requests


  • Banner improvement


  • Improvement of restore, respective alert massage added when users try to make a restore
  • Improvement of Cloud section, before trying to upload to cloud connection is checked
  • Improvement of admin side
  • Bug fixed related to backups with success with 0MB
  • Bug fixed related to conflict with some themes with admin side functionality


  • Bug fixed related to jQuery version to support WordPress upcoming version 5.6


  • Added new option ‘ Upload to cloud chunk size ‘
  • Bug fixed related to backup import issue
  • Bug fixed related to button disabled issue


  • Improvement of menu section, video tutorials are added in the admin panel
  • Improvement of “Settings” section, info signs are added to make everything more understandable
  • Bug fixed related to dashboard statistics
  • Fixed PHP notices


  • Fixed the database restore process failure which was caused by the backup tree file


  • Fixed messages


  • Bug fixed related to Dropbox connection issue
  • Improvement for Import section


  • Bug fixed related to the jQuery depreciation functionality
  • Improvement of BackupGuard sidebar menu


  • “Send usage data” setting addition
  • Support section improvement


  • Fixed alert issue after clicking backup
  • Minor fixes


  • WordPress 5.5 Backup “Import” Issue Fix
  • Improvement in Backup Guard Admin Panel Architecture


  • Admin Panel “Manual Backup” JS error fix on WordPress 5.5 version.


  • Design changes in the Admin Panel of the plugin
  • Download via PHP fix
  • Bug fix during the Database restore process
  • Fix of some PHP Warnings
  • Code improvement
  • Compatibility test with WordPress 5.5 version


  • Security improvement
  • Some environment checks were carried out which ensure that the plugin works seamlessly. The mentioned checks are necessary for the plugin to work as intended.


  • Plugin security improvements


  • Admin side bug fixed


  • Bug fixed inside log files


  • Download button improvement


  • Option Name Change


  • A possibility to close/dismiss the plugin admin panel banner


  • Admin side improvement


  • Fixed php warnings


  • Multiple modal opening issue.
    When pressing on backup button multiple times, many modals where opening.
    Now, when pressing on the button only one backup will be implemented.


  • Showing a confirmation alert When deleting multiple backups


  • Fixed the closing issue with the “Execution timeout” banner
  • Bug fixed related to Windows server


  • The bug related to inprogress backup and restore was fixed.


  • Bug fixed related to restore.
  • Admin side design improvements


  • Backup log improvements


  • Bug fixed related to restore.
  • Admin side design improvement.


  • Admin side improvement
  • Bug fixed related to restore
  • Schedule backup improvement


  • Bug fixed related to restore
  • Bug fixed related to plugin deactivation
  • Login issue fixed


  • Backup import modal improvement
  • Schedule improvement
  • Delete backup improvement
  • Bug fixes


  • Admin side redesign
  • Download via PHP settings
  • Bug fixes


  • Schedule bug fixed
  • Settings save bug fixed
  • Bug fixed related to CSS design conflict.


  • Security improvements
  • Amazon S3 bug fixed


  • Security improvement related to CSRF tokens


  • Halloween campaign


  • Conflicts were resolved


  • Issue with restore have been fixed


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Users now can specify custom name for manual backups
  • PHP7 compatibility issues fixed


  • Migration removed from free package
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Now you can perform migration with free version


  • Spanish translation added
  • System information section added


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • PHP7 compatibility issues fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Direct curl calls removed


  • Christmas campaign


  • Previous update bug fix


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Deactivation survey


  • End Black Friday campaign


  • Black Friday campaign


  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Scheduling option added to free version
  • Other bug fixes & improvements


  • Discount notice removed


  • Bug fixes & improvements


  • Now user will see alert about not saved settings.
  • Other bug fixes & improvements


  • Issue with migration error notice solved


  • Pro markers removed from plugin


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Now you can upload your backups to Dropbox with free version.


  • Symlink folder backup issue fixed
  • Other bug fixes & improvements


  • Support link has been updated


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • New exclude paths were added
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • External restore detection improved
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Restore related bug was resolved
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • UI improvements
  • BackupGuard seal widget added


  • BackupGuard UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • cURL & Stream supported for external restoration
  • Conflicts were resolved with update checker
  • New option to show/hide statistics
  • Database restoration related bug resolved


  • New option added to specify reload method


  • WordPress dashboard widget added
  • BackupGuard GUI improvements
  • Other security & core improvements


  • Selective restoration is supported for files or database
  • Selective database tables backup is supported now
  • External restoration improved
  • Other UI improvements and fixes


  • New option added in the settings to specify number of rows dumped at once


  • Database Restore with reloads
  • New option for excluding database tables
  • Backup log was improved
  • Other bug fixes & improvements


  • External restoration related bugs resolved
  • “wp-content” directory detection related bug resolved


  • cURL & Sockets are supported for reloads
  • Chunk by chunk import is supported
  • New migration service is available now
  • Alert about php migration


  • XSS security issues were resolved
  • Protocol detection related issues were resolved
  • UI improvements


  • Disk free space related issue resolved
  • Archive size is being written in the backup/restore log files
  • Tracking reloads and writing a respective log in case method is being changed
  • Other minor improvements


  • Disk free space detection detection related bug was resolved


  • UI related bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Restoration was improved to override the files which were successfully extracted
  • The issue related to the root directory was resolved


  • Custom exclude paths are supported
  • The bug related to warning indicator was resolved
  • Other improvements & fixes


  • The blank page issue was resolved
  • Other optimizations and improvements


  • Uninstall related bug was resolved
  • Upload path related bug was resolved
  • Authentication related issues were resolved
  • New exclude paths were added


  • Security bug fixes
  • Proper PHP version validation
  • Fixed bug that reseted db after every update
  • Removed restore method from backup log


  • Database related bug was resolved for full backups
  • New backup exclude paths were added


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


  • Memory usage improved & optimized for restoration


  • Memory usage improved & optimized for backup
  • Database restoration improved


  • Restore bug was resolved
  • Other security fixes and optimizations


  • External restore bug was resolved
  • Infinite redirect bug was resolved
  • The bug related to database backup with reloads was resolved


  • Secure and reliable backup restoration
  • Charset and collate migration
  • LightSpeed web server support
  • Active user won’t be dropped after restoration
  • Plugin update logic was improved
  • Other security fixes and optimizations


  • Minor bug fixes
  • UX improvements


  • Database backup with reloads is supported
  • Core improvements


  • Backup restoration with reloads is supported
  • Core improvements


  • Backup reload logic has been updated


  • Restore log was improved


  • The bug related to restoration was resolved


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Backup migration logic was updated


  • Archive related bugs were resolved


  • New backup archive & backward capability support were implemented


  • Security issues and some minor bugs were resolved


  • Advanced migration as a Premium feature was implemented
  • UI & UX improvements


  • Execution timeout message was updated


  • Migration logic improved & optimized
  • Core/code improvements and cleanups


  • Discount notice was added


  • Code/core cleanup
  • Other fixes & improvements


  • Check added if backup reloads are possible
  • Code/core cleanup
  • Other fixes & improvements


  • Setting/Option was add to control backup reloads


  • Update related bugs were resolved


  • Backup reloading logic was improved


  • Backup reloading mechanism was implemented


  • Conflicts with BBpress were resolved


  • File read and write checks added


  • Backup update related bug was resolved


  • Code cleanup
  • Backup and migration logic improvements


  • Anonymous backup usage reporting was removed


  • Backup core logic improvements


  • The bug related to table names in the log file was resolved
  • Database backup related bugs were resolved


  • Migration related bug fixes


  • Migration feature was implemented
  • Backup download issue was resolved for IE


  • The bug related calculating backup entires was resolved
  • Backup status related bug was fixed
  • UI related improvements


  • Customized backups were improved
  • Security bug resolved


  • Bug fixes & other improvements


  • Security issues were resolved
  • Schema related bug was resolved


  • Auto reloading mechanism was removed
  • Backup logic was optimized


  • Anonymous backup stats reporting
  • Other fixes & improvements


  • Symlinks related bug was resolved
  • Other improvements


  • UI improvements
  • Minor backup related bug fixes


  • Initial backup plugin was commit