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WP Social Ninja – Social Feed, Reviews & Chat Plugin for WP (Google Reviews, Photo Feeds & More)

WP Social Ninja – Social Feed, Reviews & Chat Plugin for WP (Google Reviews, Photo Feeds & More)


Making a website social is easy! Embed your favorite Social feeds like Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed; Social reviews like Google Reviews, WooCommerce Reviews(Pro), Amazon Reviews(Pro) and Chat Widgets like Messenger Chat and more from other social media platforms.

WP Social Ninja is the best all-in-one WordPress social media plugin. It simplifies the hassle and expensive process of managing multiple plugins for various features.

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From a simple installation process to presenting your social proof on your WordPress website, this social media tool is designed to improve your success above all others!

Key Features

What You’ll Get in The Free Version

Instagram Feed: Display Instagram photo feeds and update your website with Instagram Feed to promote your brand.

Facebook Feed: Decorate your website with a Facebook feed and display your social presence with Facebook posts.

YouTube Feed: Get the maximum engagement from your website by displaying your engaging content on YouTube Feed.

Google Reviews: Gain your customer trust and get more sales by displaying your Google reviews.

Airbnb Reviews: Share your guests’ experiences through Airbnb reviews to attract potential guests and increase revenue.

Messenger Chat: Enable interaction through the widely-used Facebook Messenger chat on your site and make it easy to connect with your web visitors.

Number of Reviews: WP Social Ninja gives you the full command of your website. With this option, you can select the exact number of reviews that you want to exhibit.

Layout & Template Variation: Display your social testimonials with the most stylish and customizable settings panel from the WP Social Ninja dashboard.

Play Mode: This one is for your YouTube Feed. Use our Play Mode feature with various designs to display the YouTube feed just how you want it on your WordPress website.

Autoplay & Video Loop: Select whatever YouTube play mode you want from video autoplay and the video loop feature on your website for displaying YouTube Feed.

Auto Syncing: Auto-sync your user testimonials to your site, so all the social reviews will be updated automatically after an interval.

Advanced Filter Settings: WP Social Ninja offers various settings options for controlling social reviews and ratings with an advanced filter.

GDPR Compliance: A GDPR-Compliance Instagram feed will not require you to make any third-party request to load your Instagram feed images.

Feed Issue Email Report: An Email will be sent to your inbox if you experience an Instagram feed issue due to a critical Instagram API.

Save Image Locally: Optimize your page speed by locally saving your Instagram feed image; your caching data will be saved.

Optimize Image Reset: You can clear/remove all your cache images saved in the local folder with one click of the Reset option of Optimize Image.

Schema Snippet: To rank on Google, our plugin has schema snippet features. Enable the button and add your credentials to rank.

Popup Chat Box Anywhere: Remind your website visitors that you are just one click away. Enable your custom pop-up social chat widget box to appear on any page.

Chat Template Types: Decorate your social chat widget with multiple stylish template types to suit your brand with WP Social Ninja.

Get More in The Premium Version

In-depth Template Style: Get detailed customization options for every single element on your feed. Like you can edit your CSS, the Style Setting will let you do the same.

Multiple User Accounts: The limitless features help you connect not just one account but also multiple business accounts to your website.

Versatile feed type: Select any one from multiple types of social feeds like Timeline feed, Hashtag feed, Photos, Videos or Livestreams to fetch the appropriate social posts for your website.

Advanced Settings: For more exclusive setting you’ll have Responsive query, Filter settings, Real-time syncing, Translation options, Versatile Feed Type, Permission Manager and a Detailed Editor Panel.

Carousel Settings: Organize your news feed with Carousel settings and attract your audience’s attention to your website.

Filter Feed with Search Terms/Hashtags: Show or hide your posts/videos/tweets & display by targetting specific words/hashtags.

Filters by Minimum Rating: Not every rating is 5-star! Customize the ratings and select the best ones you want to display to your users.

Include or exclude specific reviews: From a thousand social reviews, your business needs the best ones. Some reviews are not meant to be displayed. So adjust your social reviews and include or exclude any!

Show/Hide Reviews with Words: Show or hide your social reviews with specific words & display them on your website for better engagement.

Multiple Templates: Show off your social reviews from various templates to make your website more appealing.

Display Like & Share Button: Display your Buttons to get likes and shares and customize them on your website to get a more extensive reach.

Open Posts on Platform/Popup Box: You can open your social feeds with the original platform post or open it with a popup box on your site.

Export/Import Custom Reviews: Export your custom reviews within seconds and import them to sites to display the user reviews.

Fetch Feed from Specific Date: Fetch your Facebook feed according to the specific or relative post-filtering option.

Fluent Forms Testimonial: Collect your Testimonials using Fluent Forms and boost your website’s credibility by displaying them.

Responsive Query: Adjust your review numbers and columns and select the device to create a smooth impression.

Manual syncing: Along with auto-syncing, you can sync social reviews manually, too. So, if you want to control the displayed reviews, you can do that.

Shoppable Instagram Feed: A shoppable version of your Instagram feed that leads your users to purchase directly from the product page.

Facebook Album Feed: A Facebook album feed will display the photo albums you share on your Facebook, including your user-generated content.

Facebook Event Feed: To decorate your Facebook feed more organized, and announce your Facebook event more professionally with the Facebook event feed.

Multiple Chat Widgets: WP Social Ninja lets you reach out to a larger community and uplift your conversion rates through the Chat Widgets from multiple social platforms.

Personalize Chat Widgets: WP Social Ninja lets you customize your chat widget box to suit your brand perfectly. And you’ll have fun playing with the editor panel!

Upload Chat Icon: Beautify the interface of your chat icon by uploading your customized one or an image icon you like.

Accessibility: WP Social Ninja brings accessibility for everyone, even those who cannot see or hear. This feature will make the use case accessible for all.

Third-Party Integrations: WP Social Ninja has three popular 3rd party integrations; Elementor Page Builder, Oxygen Page Builder, and Beaver Page Builder.

Social Feeds

Display Facebook Posts through Facebook Feed, YouTube videos through YouTube Feed, Instagram photos through Instagram Feeds, TikTok posts through TikTok Feed and more like Facebook Photo Album Feed, Facebook Event Feed and Shoppable Instagram Feed

Instagram Feeds

Integrate Instagram feeds to display Instagram photos on your website. Also, you can boost your eCommerce business through the Instagram Shoppable Feed.

Facebook Feeds

Create a personalized Facebook feed with the custom Facebook feed options. Besides, you have Facebook Album Feed and the Facebook Event Feed without using any other Custom Facebook Feed plugin.

YouTube Feeds

Embed YouTube feed with WP Social Ninja anywhere on your website and let your audience be introduced to your YouTube channel through the YouTube Feed.

TikTok Feeds

Decorate your website with your TikTok posts through a customized TikTok feed by WP Social Ninja and promote your business sales to increase engagement & more sales.

Social Reviews

Embed your Social Reviews, Ecommerce Reviews, Google reviews, and Business Reviews to create trust among your website visitors from social networking sites like Google Business Profile to get Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Amazon reviews, WooCommerce reviews, Yelp reviews and AliExpress reviews, etc.

Google Reviews (Free)

Expand your Google business & get more sales by displaying Google Business Profile reviews on your website.

WooCommerce Reviews (Pro)

Collect more reviews, build brand loyalty, and boost sales by directly showcasing your WooCommerce reviews widget.

Airbnb Reviews (Free)

Fetch and display Airbnb reviews and engage with your customers to make instant decisions with positive reviews.

Facebook Reviews (Pro)

Collect and showcase Facebook reviews and recommendations on your WordPress website to prove your business credibility.

AliExpress Reviews (Pro)

Showcase the best AliExpress reviews to your WordPress website to promote your brand with a detailed customization option.

Amazon Reviews (Pro)

It allows you to fetch and exhibit Amazon reviews on your website and reach larger audiences.

Booking.com Reviews (Pro)

A lightweight tool that helps to collect and show off your Booking.com reviews to connect with your audiences.

Tripadvisor Reviews (Pro)

Add Tripadvisor reviews with WP Social Ninja anywhere on your website to excel in your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

Yelp Reviews (Pro)

Let WP Social Ninja display Yelp reviews on your website and take your potential customers on board to kickstart your business.

Fluent Forms reviews (Pro)

Count on your website visitors and collect on-site reviews with Fluent Forms to showcase them on your WordPress website.

Custom reviews (Pro)

WP Social Ninja allows you to collect your customer reviews right from your website and lets you customize the social reviews.

Social Chat Widget

The multipurpose social tool WP Social Ninja has 15+ Social Chat Widgets, which allows you to connect with your site visitors directly from your website pages using different popular social chat platforms.

Messenger Chat Widget (Free)

Instantly connect with your website audiences with WP Social Ninja’s Messenger Chat Widget. Get to know your audience better via the Facebook Messenger Chat Widget.

WhatsApp Chat Widget (Pro)

Let the customers reach you easily using WhatsApp Chat Widget. And instantly start a conversation with your website visitors with WhatsApp Chat Widget.

Telegram Chat Widget (Pro)

Take your user engagement to another level with our Telegram Chat Widget.

Fluent Forms Chat Widget (Pro)

Add your Contact Form on your website with the most popular form builder plugin Fluent Forms.

Additional Chat Widget Platform (Pro)


Notification Popup

Add a Notification Popup on any of your web pages and grab the user’s attention right on the website to empower your brand value.

Whether it’s a 5-star review and recommendation or any review you just got from Google, WooCommerce, or any other social review platforms, you can highlight them with the Notification Popup feature.


Display your best Testimonials with WP Social Ninja and boost your brand trust. You can even design the Testimonials and create an eye-catching outlook.

WP Social Ninja is the best Testimonial Plugin to create testimonials and display them on your WordPress website or any specific post page, template, or widget.

User feedback

Our customer’s feedback proves what we deliver and how they love this social media plugin. Let’s see a few:

Very best social and testimonial plugin
This is the pure gold. It is an all-in-one plugin you must have on your web. Especially if you want to show your best testimonials from customers or just looking for the best social feed plugin.
Now I don’t need a live chat free plugin and Smash Balloon Instagram plugin.
_ 👨 flu5ky; Source

Excellent Social Toolbox for Business
Everything works as promised and support levels are great for any small bugs if found.
_ 👨 rich9000; Source

Reviews by Leaders

Other plugins by the same team


  • Embed social feeds, reviews, chat widgets and many more from 30+ social media
  • Display your social reviews, show the best feedback and build your brand’s credibility
  • Bring Facebook content on your website through Facebook Feed and organize them with multiple customization options
  • Display Instagram posts on the website through Instagram Feed and get higher reach and improve website engagement
  • Decorate your YouTube feed with Playlists, Livestream, different Play Mode and other settings options
  • Connect multiple accounts to display your TikTok content and display with stylish templates
  • Customize your chat widget templates like Messenger chat widget (free) and others with your own style and according to your website
  • Make templates your own way, and all will look perfect on any screen.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
Install from WordPress Admin Panel:
1. Login to your WordPress Admin Area
2. Go to Plugins -> Add New
3. Type “WP Social Ninja” into the Search and hit Enter
4. Find this plugin Click “install now”
5. Activate The Plugin
6. Use [wp_social_ninja id=”template_id” platform=”platform_name”] Shortcode on your next page or post

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin from the WordPress.org repository
  2. On your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  3. Upload the downloaded plugin file (wp-social-reviews.zip) and click Install Now
  4. Activate “WP Social Ninja” from your Plugins page
  5. Use WP Social Ninja on your site from the dashboard


How many social reviews can be displayed on the website?

You can display an unlimited number of reviews, like Google reviews or Facebook reviews, on your website from the Number of Reviews section.

How do I connect my Instagram account?

Connecting your Instagram account is easy with WP Social Ninja. You will get multiple configuring options, you can choose the most convenient one.

Can I display Instagram photos from multiple Instagram feeds on my site or on the same page?

Yes, you can. WP Social Ninja will let you fetch multiple Instagram feeds and display Instagram photos on your website or on the same page.

How do I embed my Instagram Feed directly into a WordPress page template?

That’s simple. Once you integrate your Instagram account with WP Social Ninja from the social feeds section, you can embed your Instagram feed into a WordPress page template.

Instagram feed not loading. How to fix it?

There could be several reasons that cause your feed not to load and show. Check out the link for detailed information.

Can I display feeds from multiple Facebook pages?

Surely you can! You can display Facebook posts, and Facebook feeds from multiple Facebook pages. Also, you can create multiple Facebook feed templates and choose any one of them to showcase on your site.

How do I customize my Facebook feed?

WP Social Ninja gives you fully customizable template options where you can customize and style your custom Facebook feed and Facebook posts.

Can I hand-pick specific posts to hide or show in my Instagram feed?

Yes. You can easily do that with the filter options from the editor panel, where you can hide or show specific Instagram photos or posts by choosing specific keywords or hashtags.

Can I display multiple YouTube feeds on my site or on the same page?

Definitely! You can display multiple YouTube feeds from your YouTube channel on your site or on the same page.

Can I select how many YouTube videos should be displayed in the feed?

Yes, you can choose the number of videos you want to display in your YouTube feed.

Can I connect with multiple Instagram Accounts?

Of course! With WP Social Ninja, you’re able to connect multiple accounts to fetch Instagram feeds on your website.

Can I hide specific reviews or ratings on my website?

Yes, you can. WP Social Ninja is a fully-featured review plugin with unique features. To hide a particular review on your website, you need to upgrade to the Pro version.


10 julija, 2024 1 reply
Exactly what I was looking for, it has it all. Then there’s the pro version that gives you even more – very good value. However, since I only wanted Facebook, a cheaper yet lifetime license offering would be nice.
9 maja, 2024
This is a premium plugin which has a free version. You can have a good taste of how this plugin works with the free version but I can tell you that you should consider investing on the Premium version as soon as possible. The way WP Social Ninja integrates with all sort of social media feeds, the amount of configuration you get, it’s unparalleled. It’s absolutely worth every penny! It’s not only for feed embedding, you can also include social reviews from Yelp, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and many more. And on top of all this, you may also integrate chat platforms as Whatsapp, Telegram and FB Messenger, all from one single plugin for one price.Support is quick and effective and they have many other useful plugins for you to check. I’m extremely happy with this plugin!
3 aprila, 2024
This plug in makes it quick and easy to add a review template to your website. It is easy to understand and operate. I had a problem with accessing my Facebook page reviews and submitted the problem to support. The support team was quick to respond. It ended up being Facebook’s fault but support kept me updated and a new updated version of the plugin came out which fixed everything.
Read all 43 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WP Social Ninja – Social Feed, Reviews & Chat Plugin for WP (Google Reviews, Photo Feeds & More)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.13.1 ( Date: 03 April, 2024 )
– Resolved Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts connectivity problems.
– Fixed the string translation issue in the editor.

3.13.0 ( Date: 12 March, 2024 )
– Added TikTok Feed
– Introduced TikTok Feed Elementor Widget
– Introduced TikTok Feed Oxygen Widget
– Introduced TikTok Feed Beaver Widget
– Fixed chat widget query limit issue
– Chat widget improvements
– Fixed Airbnb reviews fetching issue
– Addressed ${var} deprecation issue in PHP 8.2
– Addressed translation text issue in editor panel

3.12.1 ( Date: 11 December, 2023 )
– Fixed the scrollbar issue in the feed popup.
– Fixed review load more button html closing tag issue

3.12.0 ( Date: 27 November, 2023 )
– Improved overall accessibility across the plugin.
– Added WP date option switcher for Facebook feed.
– Addressed Google Business Profile (GBP) locations limit issue.
– Resolved Facebook pages limit issue.
– Added support for selecting any post type pages in the chat widget.
– Exclude all unlisted videos from the YouTube feed.
– Resolved Reviews are automatically removed when they are deleted from Facebook or Google.

3.11.0 ( Date: 26 September, 2023 )
– Added support for Twitter API version 2.
– Increased the limit for Google Reviews locations to 200.
– We have updated the Google My Business logo and renamed the platform from Google My Business to Google Business Profile.
– Fixed an issue related to saving Instagram images when new images arrive.
– Resolved the issue of saving Instagram images of the same size when downloaded via cURL.
– Fixed the Instagram header cache creation and API error generation issue.
– Fixed an issue related to the type of arguments in base64_decode.
– Fixed the problem of connected Instagram accounts not being deleted properly.
– Fixed a PHP required parameter error.
– Fixed an issue where unnecessary style attributes were being printed.
– Fixed the missing href tag in the chat widget.
– Fixed a PHP notice in the Elementor widget class.

3.10.1 ( Date: 26 July, 2023 )
– Fixed compatible issue with oxygen page builder

3.10.0 ( Date: 26 July, 2023 )
– Added Optimize Images settings option in Settings -> Feed Platforms -> Instagram Settings. This feature automatically stores local copies of Instagram feed images on your server.
– Added Instagram Feed GDPR compliant settings option in Settings -> Advanced Settings.
– Added Optimize Images reset option in Settings -> Feed Platforms -> Instagram Settings.
– Added Optimize Image resolution settings option in Template Editor -> Post -> Images Resolution.
– Added a warning notice in the wp social ninja admin area to alert you about critical issues with your Instagram Feed.
– Added Email notification alerts for critical Instagram Feed issues. You will receive an email notification if there’s an unresolved issue with an Instagram feed on your website.
– Fixed issue with editing button text in the shoppable Instagram Feed.
– Fixed an issue with fetching the number of videos in the YouTube Feed.
– Fixed multiple Google My Business (GMB) accounts auto sync issue.
– Fixed the extra slash issue in the rest route for WPML plugin.

3.9.4 ( Date: 25 May, 2023 )
– Fix Instagram API error: Tried accessing nonexisting field (comments_count) on node type (Media)

3.9.3 ( Date: 21 April, 2023 )
– Fix Instagram accounts connection auto disconnect issue

3.9.2 ( Date: 18 April, 2023 )
– Fix Instagram feeds not found issue
– Fix Instagram albums media display issue
– Fix Only admin can see error messages
– Fix Compatible with breeze plugins cache

3.9.1 ( Date: 25 March, 2023 )
Tweak: Instagram and Facebook feed data is permanently deleted from your site after deauthorizing the WP Social Ninja app. Due to Meta’s platform requirements, any Meta’s platform data on your site must be deleted within a reasonable time after the app has been deauthorized.
Tweak: Facebook and Instagram access tokens are now encrypted in your WordPress database.

3.9.0 ( Date: 30 December, 2022 )
– Add Facebook Feed access token manually connect option
– Add Facebook Reviews access token manually connect option
– Add support for PHP 8.1
– Add external urls hide option in reviews settings
– Added date option, title & author spacing option in testimonial module
– Fix Google My Bussiness access token expired issue
– Fix Google My Bussiness accounts limit issue
– Fix CRON JOB issue
– Fix YouTube feed popup scrolling issue
– Fix php mb_strpos function undefined issue
– Fix autoptimizeCache method undefined issue
– Fix Instagram video issue in inline mode for iphone

3.8.0 ( Date: 16 November, 2022 )
– Added Instagram shoppable feed module
– Added responsive slider option
– Added YouTube Feed custom banner upload option
– Added Twitter Item Box style option
– Added filter hook for facebook feed api data limit
– Instagram, Facebook, Twitter feed compatible with siteground cache
– Twitter feed compatible with caching plugins
– Improve facebook and instagram profile header in editor
– Fix web dev errors for chat widget
– Fix permalink issue on facebook feed

3.7.2 ( Date: 12 October, 2022 )
– Fix Add Notifications and Add Testimonial button display issue

3.7.1 ( Date: 11 October, 2022 )
– Migrate Google my business APP
– Compatible with Godaddy Cache, WP-Optimize Cache , WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize Cache plugin
– Added on-hover tooltip text option for chat widget icons layout
– Added reviews title for amazon, tripadvisor, trustpilot, aliexpress, booking dot com
– Improve platforms page UI
– Improve route reload issue in settings
– Remove Instagram empty media URL feeds from feed object
– Fix oxygen page builder wpsn templates CSS loading in the footer issue
– Fix business info issue
– Fix responsive bar selected device and scroll issue
– Fix Facebook feed incorrect media type issue
– Fix Tripadvisor reviews Unicode text support issue
– Fix Tripadvisor total reviews count

3.7.0 ( Date: 24 August, 2022 )
– Add Template Style Module for all platform
– Add a responsive query option for all platform
– Add a responsive column breakpoint option for all platform
– Add Show/hide reviews by specific words option
– Add hide date option for reviews
– Add collect testimonials using Fluent Forms
– Add hide facebook feed shared posts features
– Add booking.com 1-10 starts filter option
– Add google locations and facebook pages clear option
– Improve Chat widget compatible with Litespeed cache
– Improve IG, FB feed compatible with wp rocket plugin
– Improve API Integrations
– Fix Youtube Feed – live streams videos incorrect date display issue
– Fix include/exclude feeds count issue
– Fix booking.com average rating issue
– Fix reviews business info issue
– Fix Google reviews locations return false issue
– Fix Facebook feed image undefined issue
– Fix review empty URL issue
– Fix YT and IG popup open issue
– Fix Compatible issue with elementor pro
– Refactored Editor Panel VueJS Components for better performance
– Refactored App Controller and Models
– Internal improvements

3.6.1 ( Date: June 1, 2022 )
– Fix business info auto delete issue
– Fix reviews cache key delete issue
– Improve YouTube feed include, exclude filter

3.6.0 ( Date: May 30, 2022 )
– Add Testimonial Module
– Add Custom reviews Import & Export feature
– Add manually auto-sync option
– Add reviews sorting option in the admin panel
– Improve Airbnb reviews API
– Fix Facebook and Instagram feed line breaks issues for different language
– Fix GMB duplicate reviews issue
– Fix the number of feeds issue
– Fix IG video thumbnail display issue in IOS device
– Fix the Booking.com platform name alignment issue
– Fix write a review button display issue

3.5.7 ( Date: April 22, 2022 )
– Fix slider issue

3.5.6 ( Date: April 20, 2022 )
– Remove Copyrighted media assets
– Updated Assets and Readme file change

3.5.5 ( Date: April 20, 2022 )
– Fix the google locations limit issue
– Fix the Redis object cache compatibility issue
– Fix the phone number chat widget open in the new tab issue
– Fix chat widget email and phone number plain text issue
– Fix Twitter header display issue in the template editor panel
– Fix elementor reviews widget reviewer name styling issue
– Add read more/less styling option for elementor reviews widget

3.5.4 ( Date: March 30, 2022 )
– Add translate option in settings panel
– Add filter hook for reviews platform icon
– Add class name in all html elements
– Improve notification popup settings panel
– Improve global settings panel design
– Improve Instagram feed compatible with Litespeed cache
– Improve hide chat widget from elementor, oxygen, beaver builder editor panel
– Update tripadvisor icon
– Remove GMB deprecated API end points
– Fix chat widget close button in only icons layout
– Fix facebook header number format issue
– Fix twitter hashtag url 404 not found issue
– Fix slider issue in Oxygen page builder
– Fix fluent forms chat widget info message
– Fix ‘ago’ translate issue
– Fix reviews template web accessibility issue
– Fix Elementor 3.6.x compatibility issue
– Fix http issue in GMB write a review URL

3.5.3 ( Date: February 03, 2022 )
– Fix critical error issue

3.5.2 ( Date: February 02, 2022 )
– Add header title option for Fluent Forms channel in Chat widgets
– Fix js error in oxygen page builder issue
– Fix Facebook Feed curl error issue
– Fix Facebook Feed page profile picture image quality issue
– Fix Facebook Feed Masonry Layout overlapping issue in Firefox browser
– Fix Tripadvisor invalid date issue
– Fix Tripadvisor header rating issue
– Fix custom review and fluent forms review merge issue

3.5.1 ( Date: January 25, 2022 )
– Fix database issue
– Improve localize script compatible for wp 5.9
– Improve small css

3.5.0 ( Date: January 24, 2022 )
– Add Facebook Feed
– Add Facebook Feed Elementor Widget
– Add Facebook Feed Oxygen Widget
– Add Facebook Feed Beaver Widget
– Fix others platform reviews not showing when Fluent Forms reviews are added
– Fix swiper slider conflict with elementor 3.5.0
– Fix YouTube auto play issue in chrome browser
– Fix fluent form chat widget icon issue
– Fix reviews popup template scrollbar issue
– Improve instagram template caption font size in mobile device
– Improve GMB reviews limit is 100
– Remove important tag from all button css

3.2.2 ( Date: December 08, 2021 )
– Improve Image Upload Field
– Fix reviews date issue
– Fix chat widget fluent form icon responsive css issue

3.2.1 ( Date: December 06, 2021 )
– Add Fluent Forms Modal in Chat Widget
– Improve Fluent Form chat widget style
– Fix Facebook reviews page limit issue
– Fix Facebook Reviews Create Template issue
– Fix PHP Error on plugin installation
– Fix date translate issue
– Fix reviews template scrollbar issue
– Fix GMB translated by google text issue

3.2.0 ( Date: December 02, 2021 )
– Add Beaver page builder native widget
– Add Fluent Forms integration in chat widget
– Add Fluent Forms reviews manually approve settings option
– Add Badge layout custom title option
– Add Notification streams custom title option
– Add Load More button custom text option
– Add Reviews header custom text option
– Improve badge template 2 style
– Improve feeds Hide Specific Posts input field validation
– Improve assets loading in beaver page builder
– Fix GMB translated by google text issue
– Fix IG empty media URL issue
– Fix multiple platform support in notification streams
– Fix human readable time translate issue
– Fix booking.com date format issue
– Fix tripadvisor data fetch issue
– Fix character encoding issue
– Fix html rel attributes

3.1.1 ( Date: November 09, 2021 )
– Add reviewer URL map field for Fluent Forms integration
– Improve Oxygen page builder native widget assets loading
– Fix Oxygen Reviews Widget write a review button css issue
– Fix Notification streams date hide option
– Fix Instagram business accounts multiple accounts select issue
– Fix reviews filter issue in editor all reviews
– Fix airbnb modal issue
– Fix YouTube image loading issue
– Fix chat widget popup delay issue

3.1.0 ( Date: November 08, 2021 )
– Add Oxygen page builder native widget
– Add reviews notification streams
– Add reviews badge template
– Add Google My Business groups support
– Add inline video playmode for IG
– Add loading lazy attribute for feeds images
– Add YouTube related videos from same channel
– Add display the chat from the click of a custom button
– Add chat hide options on desktop/mobile
– Add chat exclude pages option
– Add chat popup box hide when chat box is offline
– Add chat close button color option
– Add chat open in same page popup setting
– Add click esc key to hide chat popup box
– Improve amazon reviews data fetching issue
– Improve IG business accounts connection UX
– Improve IG hashtag feed limit
– Fix gravatar image elements do not have explicit width and height issue
– Fix IG multiple business accounts connection issue
– Fix IG manually connect an account issue
– Fix chat css overwrite theme css issue
– Fix YouTube feed whitespace issue
– Fix double slash in assets URL
– Fix swiper autoplay function error issue
– Fix gutenberg editor console error messages
– Fix lightspeed caching issue
– Fix cron job issue

3.0.4 ( Date: October 11, 2021 )
– Add option for GMB translated by google text
– Add chat template enable/disable option
– Add platform label option for custom and fluent forms
– Add more styling option in wpsn elementor widgets
– Fix load plugin text domain issue
– Fix tripadvisor attraction reviews fetching issue
– Fix twitter card overlapping issue
– Fix base plugin installation issue
– Fix chat widget channel save issue
– Fix chat widget emoji save issue

3.0.3 ( Date: October 05, 2021 )
– Add Social Ninja 4 Elementor Widget
– Add Tooltip on hover in filter by business
– Add chat popup delay option
– Add image upload field for fluent forms integration
– Add text trim option for reviews
– Improve airbnb data fetching
– improve tripadvisor write a review button url
– Improve overall css
– Refactor airbnb business info
– Fix YouTube inline/popup video play mode issue
– Fix YouTube video random order video play issue
– Fix chat widget emoji, unicode and html br tag issue
– Fix google my business auto sync issue
– Fix airbnb auto sync for business info
– UTF-8 support in ig popup content
– Fix translate ready text
– Fix instagram popup video autoplay issue
– Fix reviews slider on hover autoplay pause issue

3.0.2 ( Date: September 29, 2021 )
– Add reviews schema snippet settings option
– Add reviews content type option to show excerpt/full content etc.
– Add full screen chat editor
– Improve reviews fetching message with n number of reviews
– Improve instagram popup box responsive css
– Improve template data format
– Improve reviews date format option with default WordPress date format
– Improve airbnb configuration modal UX
– Fix reviews snippet issue
– Fix chat widgets channel configuration save issue
– Fix chat widget url issue for single channel
– Fix Airbnb and booking.com average rating issue
– Fix Airbnb filters by business name issue
– Fix Booking.com reviews text issue
– Fix Google total rating and average rating issue
– Fix multiple platforms average rating & total rating issue
– Fix facebook reviews item broken URL issue
– Fix conflict with happy-addons plugin
– Fix some responsive css issues
– Fix swiper carousel conflict with elementor pro

3.0.1 ( Date: September 24, 2021 )
– Fix reviews read more/less button issue
– Fix tripadvisor business average rating issue
– Fix tripadvisor hotel reviews fetch issue
– Fix booking.com business info rating icon issue
– Fix booking.com invalid date issue
– Fix amazon sub-domain reviews fetch issue
– Add twitter actions popup/open in tab option
– Fix twitter popup image/video crop issue
– Fix twitter hashtag cron job issue
– Fix reviews header responsive issue
– Fix reviews template css issue
– Compatible with WordPress multisite
– Fix wp rocket plugin caching issue
– Improve chat widgets
– Fix chat widget priority issue
– Fix chat widget whatsapp issue

3.0.0 ( Date: September 22, 2021 )
– Improves Configuration Modal UI/UX
– Support multiple business/places reviews
– Improve Airbnb error validation
– Add Fullscreen editor panel option
– Pagination select tab issue on editor panel
– Add Filter by Business Name option
– Add all-in-one chat widgets
– Improve caching system
– Improve cron job data update
– Improve assets loading

2.0.2 ( Date: August 31, 2021 )
– Adds terms and conditions pages URL

2.0.1 ( Date: August 21, 2021 )
– Replace Slick JS by Swiper JS
– Refactor frontend JS
– Improve reviews template layout style
– Improve reviews platforms configuration process
– Fix cron event activate issue on plugin activation
– Fix reviews load more button hide issue

2.0.0 ( Date: March 16, 2021 )
– Adds Rest API
– Optimizes code for faster rendering
– Improves UI/UX
– Improves backend query
– Improve global settings panel UX
– Fix Inline YouTube Player issue
– Fixed various bugs and improves overall performance

1.3.2 ( Date: March 22, 2021 )
– Added: YouTube OAuth 2.0
– Added: Instagram private account “get refresh token” generate button on configuration modal
– Added: Reviews date format options
– Improved: Generate Instagram Personal account refresh token after 50days
– Improved: More details are provided for IG API errors
– Improved: Display only valid platform for Add New Template on All templates
– Improved: All platforms, support page UI,UX
– Improved: Added nonc security for admin Ajax request
– Fixed: Airbnb fetching reviews failed issue

1.3.1 ( Date: February 17, 2021 )
– Added: Reviews Filters ( Order by )
– Fixed: Reviews Pagination Issue
– Fixed: jQuery.differed exception error issue
– Fixed: Chat.php file PHP header already sent issue
– Fixed: Assets loading on specific page
– Fixed: Assets loading for sidebar widget
– Fixed: Twitter Load more issue

1.3.0 ( Date: February 13, 2021 )
– Added: Instagram Feed
– Added: WP Social Ninja sidebar widget
– Added: Twitter Filters Option
– Fixed: Twitter media repeat issue
– Fixed: YouTube Popup Extra Gap Issue
– Fixed: Messenger assets loading issue
– Improve: YouTube Number Of Columns
– Improve: Platform configuration modal UX
– Improve: Editor Panel UX

1.2.5 ( Date: October 29, 2020 )
– Added – YouTube Feed
– Fixed – Google Auto Syncing Error issue
– Fixed – Airbnb data fetching issue
– Fixed – Airbnb empty url message
– Fixed – Twitter Username display issue
– Fixed – Twitter template theme compatibility issue

1.2.4 ( Date: July 29, 2020 )

  • Added – Twitter Element Display/Hide Settings Option
  • Added – Twitter Retweeted Status on tweet
  • Added – Twitter video tweet
  • Added – Twitter gif tweet
  • Added – Twitter youtube/vimeo/soundcloud tweet
  • Improve – Twitter display website original urls on tweet
  • Improve – Twitter Load More Button Design
  • Improve – Twitter date format
  • Improve – Twitter API Fetch UX
  • Fixed – Twitter tweet link issues
  • Fixed – Twitter quoted tweet issue
  • Fixed – Twitter retweeted tweet issue
  • Fixed – Twitter status id issue
  • Fixed – Twitter action count number format
  • Fixed – Twitter retweeted, quoted tweet action count issue

1.2.3 ( Date: July 06, 2020 )
– Fixed: Messenger offline message css issue

1.2.2 ( Date: July 06, 2020 )
– Fixed: Google access code field message
– Fixed: Messenger greeting text color, align issue
– Fixed: Messenger always typing issue
– Improve: Plugin name
– Improve: Shortcode name

1.2.1 ( Date: June 27, 2020 )
New – Added Airbnb review platform
New – Added Google reviews auto sync option
New – Added Messenger header background, title, caption styling option
New – Added Messenger will open on same window
New – Added Tinymce editor on greeting message
New – Fixed: Google my business configuration documentation link

1.2.0 ( Date: May 12, 2020 )
New – Added Google My Business API
New – Fetch unlimited numbers of review from google my business
New – Added Ajax Load More Button on reviews template
New – Added configuration clear button
New – Twitter Feeds Ajax Load More Button
New – Added chat template select option
New – Added 1 new chat template
New – Added chat button text change option
New – Added chat button icon select option
New – Fixed chat icon and prompt display issue on editor

1.1.1 ( Date: February 07, 2020 )
New – Twitter Feeds Real Time Syncing
New – Twitter advanced settings option
Improve – Twitter configuration modal ui/ux
Improve – Reviews placeholder image
Improve – CSS file enqueue on header
Fixed – Feed cache timeout issue
Fixed – All Templates edit/delete/duplicate issue

1.1.0 ( Date: January 28, 2020 )
New – Twitter Feeds
New – Twitter OAuth login system
New – Twitter live editor
New – Facebook Messenger Chat
New – Facebook Messenger Auto Page Connection Option
New – Facebook Messenger Chat live editor
Improve – Shortcode generating
Improve – All Templates Data

1.0.1 ( Date: January 08, 2020 )
New – Added Rigel and Procyon Template
New – Added few filter and action hooks for developers.
New – Google Structured Data Format
New – SEO Friendly
Improve – Read More URL
Improve – Configuration Modal UI and Validation
Fixed: Front-end rating filter by rating value
Fixed: Remove all admin notices from wp social reviews pages

1.0.0 ( Date: January 01, 2020 )
– init the first release