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Rank Math SEO – AI SEO Tools to Dominate SEO Rankings

Rank Math SEO – AI SEO Tools to Dominate SEO Rankings


Rank Math SEO – Najboljši SEO Vtičnik za WordPress

1st WordPress SEO Plugin to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) 🦾

SEO is the most consistent source of traffic for any website. We created Rank Math, a WordPress SEO plugin with AI SEO features better than ChatGPT, to help every website owner get access to the SEO tools they need to improve their SEO and attract more traffic to their website.

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SEO might be the best and most consistent source of traffic for one’s website, but it’s not without its quirks. The constant process of optimizing your posts can sometimes take more time than actually writing the content. If you always feel that you can do more on the SEO front for your website but don’t have the time, then Rank Math is what you’re looking for.

Its host of intelligent features brings top SEO capabilities in your hands that were previously out of reach. The smart automation features give you the power of an entire SEO team with just a few clicks. A well-thought-out design, powerful features, and years of development make Rank Math a game-changing SEO plugin that will level the SEO playing field in your favor to help increase traffic.

Exclusive Content AI. Write Highly Optimized SEO Content

➜ Use AI SEO to write better than ChatGPT
➜ Dynamic Suggestions
➜ Intelligent Recommendations
➜ Dynamic Keywords
➜ Intelligent Questions (With Schema Markup)
➜ Smart Link Suggestions
➜ Extra Keyword Info
➜ Related Keywords
➜ Full Control via Role Manager

Rank Math beats all of its competitors, hands down.

See the features which are exclusive to the Rank Math plugin and understand why Rank Math is possibly the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress.

  • Setup Wizard (Easy to follow)
    Rank Math practically configures itself. Rank Math features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that sets up SEO for WordPress perfectly.

  • Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated
    Configuring Google Schema Markup, aka Rich Snippets, is now easy, thanks to Rank Math. With support for 16+ types of Schema Markups, aka Rich Snippets, including the Rating Schema, you’ll be able to optimize your posts in just a few clicks. It also includes the FAQ Schema aka FAQPage Schema Block & the HowTo aka How To Schema Block in the plugin.

  • Optimize Unlimited Keywords
    Unlike other plugins, Rank Math lets you optimize your posts for unlimited focus keywords per post. 5 by default. Increase by adding this filter.

  • Content AI
    Rank Math is the FIRST & ONLY SEO plugin that uses AI to help you write content. Your personal AI Assistant for creating SEO friendly content. Our Content AI takes all the hassle out of writing. It ensures that the content you write is not only great for your visitors, but for search engines (SEO) as well. Learn how to use Content AI for writing SEO optimized content that ranks.

  • Google Search Console Integration
    Rank Math saves you a ton of time by integrating with Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.

  • Google Keyword Ranking
    With Rank Math Plugin, you can track your keyword rankings in Google.

  • Google Analytics Integration
    Rank Math offers a one-click solution to install Google Analytics script without pasting anything manually anywhere. You can also exclude the Logged-in users.

  • Optimal Settings Pre-Selected
    Configuring an SEO plugin takes time, and can be confusing. Rank Math saves you the trouble with its optimal default settings, which are ideal for most websites, and if needed, can be changed.

  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
    Rank Math’s integrated LSI keyword tool gives you multiple keyword variations of your focus keyword, which helps you attract more traffic to your posts. Free account needed.

  • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
    Rank Math makes social thumbnails click magnets by giving you the option of overlaying a GIF or a video icon on the thumbnail.

  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
    With just a single click, Rank Math can perform an SEO Analyzer of your website.

  • 30 Detailed SEO Tests
    Rank Math is designed to completely supercharge your website’s SEO with its 30 detailed SEO tests. Free account needed.

  • Modularni Sistem
    Rank Math has been designed with a module-based system, each of which can be enabled or disabled as per your needs, giving you extra speed and control.

  • Smart Redirection Manager
    Rank Math’s built-in smart redirection manager will help you create, manage, delete, enable, or disable redirects at scale.

  • Local Business SEO
    Rank Math is designed to be used by Global websites and local websites alike. With its local SEO features, local sites can stand out in the search engine results like Google’s and attract more traffic.

  • SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs
    Rank Math can display SEO optimized Breadcrumbs on all websites, even if the theme doesn’t support Schema.org coding.

  • 404 Monitor
    Rank Math has a built-in 404 error monitor that helps you find and resolve 404 errors for a better user experience.

  • Deep Content Analysis Tests
    On-Page SEO is no longer a mystery with Rank Math’s deep content analysis and precise recommendations.

  • Predlogi za Notranje Povezovanje
    Rank Math intelligently suggests other posts from your website for internal linking from your current posts, improving the chances of ranking higher in the SERPs.

  • Role Manager
    Even if you have multiple employees manage your website, you can precisely control what each of them has to access to in Rank Math with its role manager.

  • Multisite Ready
    Whether you run a single WordPress website or an entire network of sites – we are ready for you. Rank Math fully supports the WordPress Multiuser project (WPMU).

  • and has lightweight Code compared to slow-loading in other SEO plugins.
    Even with significantly more features than other plugins, Rank Math loads amazingly fast and keeps your website fast always.

Why is Rank Math such a game-changer?

  • Auto Configuration — All you have to do is set a few options, and Rank Math will configure itself perfectly for your website.

  • Super Fast SEO Plugin — Even after packing so many features, Rank Math has a negligible load on your server, thus making it one of the fastest SEO plugins for WordPress.

  • Automatic Keyword Suggestions from Google — Get keyword suggestions from Google as you start typing letters in the focus keyword field of Rank Math.

  • New SEO Analyzer — Rank Math’s built-in SEO analysis will give you SEO recommendations that you’d normally spend hundreds of dollars to get.

  • Elementor SEO – Poglobljena integracija z Elementor Page Builder. Sedaj ni več treba iti naprej in nazaj med zavihki, da nastavite SEO strani. Vse, kar je povezano s SEO, lahko nastavite v vizualnem urejevalniku Elementorja.

  • Divi SEO – One of its kind integration with the Divi Page Builder and theme. Handle everything related to SEO from the page editor screen without jumping back to the default editor. This helps you optimize your website in real-time for SEO.

  • Page Builder SEO – The Rank Math plugin’s content analysis works perfectly with popular page builders and themes like Oxygen Builder, WPBakery, Avada, Astra, Kadence, Themify, Beaver Builder, Page Builder Framework, Schema theme, Flothemes, OceanWP, etc.

  • Optimize UNLIMITED Keywords At Once — You can optimize your post for up to 5 different keywords by default with the Rank Math plugin and can use a filter to optimize for unlimited keywords.

  • Image SEO – With Rank Math’s perfect solution to add ALT & Title tags on the fly, to optimize images, showing inside the content, and that too for FREE, there is no reason to choose any other SEO solution that does not provide all the essential SEO features.

  • Web Stories SEO – Make any Story created with the Google’s Web Stories plugin SEO-Ready. Automatically adds AMP-friendly Schema markup and Meta tags.

  • WooCommerce SEO – Optimizing your store products is easier with Rank Math. SEO Meta tags and Schema are automatically added but can be customized with total control as well. Rank Math has the most advanced SEO for WooCommerce.

  • Google AMP SEO – Accelerated Mobile Pages need to be prepared for search engines. What better way to do that than letting Rank Math use your regular SEO details and optimizing AMPs based on that data?

  • bbPress SEO – User-generated content in bbPress is properly optimized with Rank Math handling all the important SEO aspects. Q&A Schema is added to bbPress topics along with other essential meta tags.

  • BuddyPress SEO – As with bbPress, SEO for BuddyPress content is done automatically done using Rank Math. You get all the options you need to get higher rankings with your user-generated content.

  • Quick Edit SEO Details – Go through a lot of posts/pages quickly by ensuring they are optimized for search engines. Quickly edit multiple SEO fields at once using Rank Math.

  • Instant Indexing for Bing & Yandex – Get your content instantly indexed by Bing & Yandex using their IndexNow API.

  • Instant Indexing for Google – Instantly getting indexed by Google used to be reserved to huge brands and large websites. Not anymore. Just about anyone can take advantage of Google’s Instant Indexing feature using Rank Math.

  • Version Control – Rollback or try beta versions. Updating and downgrading your plugins is now a matter of few clicks. Automatically update to the latest versions or try out the latest beta builds.

  • Translation Plugins Support — Rank Math works flawlessly with the top translations plugins like WPML, TranslatePress, Weglot, Polylang (not entirely compatible yet), etc., making it a perfect companion.

  • XML Sitemap – The Rank Math plugin comes with a fast-loading Sitemap feature that works with different post types, including the custom ones, and provides deep controlling. One can also generate a Locations KML file via filter for Local Sitemap, & a WooCommerce Sitemap.

  • 1-Click Import From Yoast — With a single click of your mouse, Rank Math can import all your settings from Yoast SEO & Yoast SEO Premium to itself. The transfer is instant, and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result.

  • 1-Click Import From AIO SEO — Rank Math can also import all your settings from AIO SEO & All in One SEO Pack Pro in a single click. The transfer is instant, and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result.

  • 1-Click Import From All In One Schema Rich Snippets — Rank Math can also import all of AIO’s Rich Snippet & Schema Pro settings in a few clicks, which help preserve your rich rankings when moving to Rank Math.

  • 1-Click Import From SEOPress SEO — With a single click of your mouse, Rank Math can import all your settings from SEOPress & SEOPress Pro SEO plugin to itself. The transfer is instant, and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result.

  • Uvoz preusmeritev z enim klikom iz vtičnika Redirection — Prenos vseh vaših preusmeritev ne sme biti težavno delo. Zato smo uvoz preusmeritev iz tega priljubljenega vtičnika naredili enostavno kot pritisk na gumb.

  • Google Keyword Suggestion — When deciding on focus keywords, Rank Math can help you discover more keywords by pulling in automatic keyword suggestions from Google.

Who Can Benefit From Rank Math?

Rank Math Plugin is perfect for:

✔ Bloggers
✔ eCommerce Store Owners
✔ Niche Sites
✔ Businesses
✔ Local Businesses
✔ Startups
✔ The Real Estate
✔ Artists & Photographers
✔ The Solution Offerer
✔ Directories
✔ Vloggers (Video Bloggers)
✔ Or any WordPress Website

Take a sneak peek into Rank Math’s features

Podrobna Navodila za Namestitev

List of Best Rank Math Features

  • Urejen in Enostaven Uporabniški Vmesnik
  • Optimalne Nastavitve so Izbrane Privzeto
  • Simple Setup Wizard
    • Compatibility Check
  • Samodejni kanonski URL-ji
  • Integrirano orodje za ključne besede LSI
  • Integracija Google Search Console
  • Googlova uvrstitev ključnih besed
  • Import Other Plugin Settings
    • 1 Click Import From Yoast SEO Plugin
    • Uvoz z enim klikom iz AIO SEO
    • Uvoz nastavitev z enim klikom iz SEOPress & SEOPress Pro
    • Uvoz nastavitev z enim klikom iz All In One Schema Rich Snippets & Schema Pro
    • Uvoz z Enim Klikom iz Redirection Vtičnika
  • Upravitelj vlog (Role Manager)
  • Podpora za ACF
  • Pripravljeno za AMP
  • bbPress & BuddyPress Moduli
  • Google Schema Markup Integrated
    • Article Rich Snippet
    • Pregled Bogatih Izrezkov (Rich Snippet)
    • Knjižni Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet)
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) Tečaja
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) Tečaja
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Objavljanje Delovnih Mest
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Lokalna Podjetja
    • 193 Različnih Vrst Lokalnih Podjetij
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Glasbo
    • Osebni Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet)
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Izdelek
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Recept
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Restavracijo
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Storitev
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Aplikacijo/Program
    • Bogati Izrezek (Rich Snippet) za Video
    • Ocena avtorja
  • Social Media Optimization
    • Add Overlay Icons On Social Images
    • Privzeta Predogledna Sličica za OpenGraph
    • Samodejno Facebook Open Graph
    • Facebook Avtorstvo
    • Facebook Open Graph za Domačo Stran
    • Samodejna Twitter Meta Kartica
    • Twitter Kartica za Domačo Stran
    • Privzeta Vrsta Twitter Kartice
    • Predogledi za Socialna Omrežja
  • Add Knowledge Graph
    • Represent site as a Person
    • Predstavljajte spletno mesto kot Družbo
    • Nastavite logotip spletnega mesta
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
    • 30 Detailed SEO Tests
    • Ocena SEO Analize
  • Avtomatiziran SEO Slik
  • Powerful Post Optimization
    • Add SEO Meta Box to all post types
    • Urejanje Naslovov in Opisov v Velikem Obsegu
    • Predogled Prispevkov v Googlu
    • Analiza Vsebine
    • Nadzorujte SEO za Posamezne Strani
    • Nadzorujte Naslov
    • Nadzorujte Meta Opis
    • Samodejno Dodaj Dodatne Meta Podatke
    • Nadzorujte ROBOTS Meta
    • Izberite Primarno Kategorijo
  • Single Post/page Optimization
    • Focus Keyword
    • Googlov predlogi za ključne besede
    • Optimizirajte za NEOMEJENO ključnih besed (5 privzeto)
    • Izberite Stebrne Prispevke in Strani
    • Predlogi za Notranje Povezovanje
    • Velike Začetnice v Naslovih
    • SEO Neuspeli Testi
    • SEO Opozorila
  • XML Zemljevid Spletnega Mesta (Novo!)
  • Modularni Sistem
  • Izberite Kakršen Koli Ločilni Znak
  • Spremeni Globalni Meta
  • Search Engine Verification Tools
    • Bing Site Verification
    • Baidujevo Preverjanje Spletnega Mesta
    • Yandexovo Preverjanje Spletnega Mesta
    • Googlovo Preverjanje Spletnega Mesta
    • Pinterest Preverjanje Spletnega Mesta
    • Norton Safe Preverjanje Spletnega Mesta
  • Advanced Redirection Manager
    • Smart & Automatic Post Redirects
    • 301 Preusmeritev
    • 302 Preusmeritev
    • 307 Preusmeritev
    • 410 Preusmeritev
    • 451 Preusmeritev
    • Podpora za REGEX
    • Odpravite Napake pri Preusmeritvah
  • Simple 404 Monitor
    • Advanced 404 Monitor
  • Advanced SEO Breadcrumbs
    • Auto Show SEO Breadcrumbs
  • Advanced Link Options
    • Nofollow All External Image Links
    • Ne Sledi za Vse Zunanje Povezave
    • Odprite Zunanje Povezave v Novem Zavihku/Oknu
    • Preusmeritev Prilog k Staršu
    • Odstranite Osnovno Kategorijo


  • Exclusive AI Assistant for creating content that ranks.
  • Popolnoma integriran z Gutenbergom oziroma Urejevalnikom Blokov (Block Editor).
  • Optimizirajte vsebino brez težav in deluje s klasičnim urejevalnikom. Brez težav optimizirajte vsebino. Rank Math deluje tudi z klasičnim WordPress urejevalnikom.
  • Z enim klikom analizirajte SEO vašega spletnega mesta in odpravite težave.
  • Preprost čarovnik za namestitev, z uvozom nastavitev z enim klikom.
  • Podpora za 15+ Rich Snippet-ov.
  • Ni vam več treba plačevati za nobeno storitev za spremljanje uvrstitve vaša spletnega mesta po ključnih besedah. To lahko brezplačno spremljate v vašem Google Search Console.
  • Ima vgrajeno možnost za optimizacijo za socialna omrežja .
  • Rank Math Comes with a 404 monitor and easy-to-use Redirection Manager.
  • Revolucionarna Integracija z Elementor Page Builder.
  • Močan XML zemljevid spletnega mesta.
  • Upravitelj vlog (Role Manager) vam daje popoln nadzor. Uporaben je za spletna mesta z več avtorji.
  • Rank Math Comes with 15+ FREE modules.


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • AI Assistant [Content AI] Generate content without any hassle, powered by Rank Math's Content AI.
  • Table of Contents by Rank Math Automatically generate the Table of Contents from the Headings added to this page.


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Rank Math
  3. Install Rank Math once it appears
  4. Activate Rank Math from your Plugins page.
  5. Pojdite na “after activation” spodaj.


  1. Naložite seo-by-rank-math v mapo /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the Rank Math plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Pojdite na “after activation” spodaj.

Po aktivaciji

  1. You should see the Rank Math setup wizard.
  2. Pojdite skozi čarovnik za nastavitev in prilagodite vtičnik svojemu spletnemu mestu.
  3. Končali ste!


Ali zagotavljate, da se bo promet povečal?

Pošteno povedano – nihče vam ne more zagotoviti, da se bo vaš promet povečal. Če vam kdo to zagotovi, nima pojma o SEO optimizaciji spletnih mest, zato se raje držite stran od njega.

SEO je igra, ki se nenehno spreminja in tisto, kar deluje danes, jutri morda ne bo delovalo. Vendar vam zagotavljamo, da je naš vtičnik najboljši vtičnik za SEO, ki vam daje boljše možnosti za uvrstitev višje v Googlu kot kateri koli drug SEO vtičnik, ki je trenutno na voljo.

Can I transfer my SEO & Redirection settings from another plugin to Rank Math?

Absolutely. Rank Math has a built-in feature to import SEO settings from the most popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Yoast SEO Premium, AIO SEO Pack, All In One Schema Rich Snippets, and Redirection. Once you install Rank Math and run the setup wizard, you’ll see a dedicated step where you’ll get to import all your SEO settings to Rank Math.

What themes does Rank Math support?

Rank Math has been tested with many WordPress themes and supports all major WordPress themes. Since we follow WordPress’ plugin development guidelines, you can rest assured that Rank Math will work perfectly, no matter what theme you use. If you’ve installed Rank Math and are facing issues, it might not be because of theme incompatibility. Please get in touch with the support team by opening a support ticket in our support forum, and we will fix it for you.

What plugins is Rank Math compatible with?

Rank Math has been designed using WordPress’ strict plugin development guidelines and therefore, is compatible with the majority of plugins. However, if you use another SEO plugin that performs any of the functions that Rank Math does, then you might get unexpected results. We recommend that you disable or delete other SEO plugins for best results.

Will my website slow down if I Install Rank Math?

No. Rank Math’s code has been created and optimized for maximum performance. That is why using Rank Math on your website will not slow down your website. On the contrary, there is a good chance that your website will perform better than ever with Rank Math, as it does the job of multiple plugins. Once you remove the unnecessary plugins from your website, your website’s performance is sure to get better.

Is creating a Rank Math account needed to use the plugin?

Absolutely not. Creating a FREE Rank Math account is needed only to utilize our API via which one can get automatic keyword suggestions from Google and can run SEO Site Analysis inside WordPress. You can read more about that here.

Will you set up Rank Math on my website?

Rank Math is pretty easy to set up on your website. Apart from detailed instructions on how to install Rank Math on our website, we’ve built in a user-friendly setup wizard that will help you set up and configure Rank Math perfectly for your website. If you face any issues even after using the setup wizard, please get in touch with the support team by sending an email to support@rankmath.com

Do I have to remove other SEO plugins if I install Rank Math?

That is recommended. Rank Math is designed to be an all-in-one SEO plugin that takes care of everything SEO-related. If you use other SEO plugins with Rank Math on your website, not only will the performance of your website be negatively affected, but both plugins working together can produce unexpected SEO results.

I already use an SEO plugin. Can I use Rank Math on top of that plugin?

You can, but we do not recommend it. Rank Math has all the functionalities that you would need in an SEO plugin. If you still prefer using another plugin for a specific feature, you can do that. But, we would recommend that you turn off that functionality of Rank Math to avoid potential conflicts/issues.

Will I lose my rankings if I switch to Rank Math?

No, you won’t. When you install Rank Math, it will seamlessly import your settings from your current SEO plugin. Once the process is complete, the search engines won’t even notice a change on your website.

If you set up Rank Math from scratch, then your search engine rankings will depend on how you configure it. But please be advised that Google and other search engines prefer good, useful content over anything else.

What are the technical requirements for using Rank Math?

Rank Math requires at least PHP 7.2, cURL lib, cron jobs, to be installed and enabled on the server. Those things are mostly installed on every good hosting server. When you initiate Rank Math’s setup process, Rank Math will also perform a compatibility check to confirm if your server can run Rank Math. If your server has a lower configuration of any Software, please ask your hosting to update it to the latest version.

Can I use Rank Math on a WordPress.com website?

Da, ker je vtičnik na voljo prek WordPress.org, je na voljo tudi na WordPress.com. Vendar se boste morda potebovali Business plan za WordPress.com

Katera Vrsta Sheme je najboljša za spletna mesta s kuponi?

There’s no real Schema Markup designed specifically for separate discount codes. We would suggest not to use any Schema Markup and choose the ‘None’ option for coupon codes because not doing so might get your site penalized.

Zakaj se moje slike ne indeksirajo?

It is completely normal for Google not to index your submitted images. Sometimes, not even a single submitted image is indexed by Google.

Google skoraj nikoli ni pripravljen indeksirati vseh strani in slik, ki so na voljo na spletnem mestu. Število indeksiranih strani in slik temelji na ugledu mesta in kakovosti vsebine.

Kako naj onemogočim indeksiranje notranjih oštevilčenih prispevkov na spletnem mestu?

Rank Math makes it extremely simple and easy to NoIndex the paginated series’ of your homepage, archives, or single posts.

Head over to WordPress Dashboard > Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Misc. Pages.

Pomaknite se navzdol in videli boste opcijo zaNeideksiranje oštevilčenih strani (Paginated Pages) .

Omogočite to in ste na dobrem. Tu je posnetek zaslona za primer: https://i.rankmath.com/xPTxfq

Zdaj se vaše oštevilčene strani (Paginated Pages) /page/2 ne bodo več pojavljale v Iskalnikih.

Oznaka “rel = canonical” se v dokumentu pojavi večkrat

That must be coming from the theme’s code or some other SEO/AMP plugin as the Rank Math plugin adds only one canonical URL per page.

Poskusite onemogočiti vse druge vtičnike in/ali preklopite na drugo temo in preverite.

Kakšna je razlika med različnimi oznakami sheme?

There are mainly two types of Schema entities, Article and BlogPosting. Article Schema is mainly used for articles as the name suggests. It can also be used for pieces of investigative reports, newspaper articles, magazine articles, research papers, etc.

Nasprotno, shema za Bloge se uporablja za objave v spletnih blogih. Lahko so osebne ali komercialne narave. Večina neprofesionalnih spletnih blogov, ki jih vidite v spletu, uporablja to vrsto sheme.

Zakaj Google ne prikazuje podatkov Sheme?

For the Rich Snippet data, Rank Math plugin adds the necessary markup for rich snippets. It may take some time before they show up in the search results. Please allow a few days for Google to pick up the new information.

Google pa podatkov sheme NE BO nujno prikazal. Najprej preverijo nekaj stvari in se morda odločijo, da ne bodo prikazali vaše bogate sheme. Na primer, preverijo splošno kakovost spletnega mesta in ali je vsebina sheme dobro predstavlja glavno vsebino spletne strani ali ne.

Here is a quote from one of Google’s help articles:
We perform algorithmic and manual quality checks to ensure that structured data meets relevancy standards. In cases where we see structured data that does not comply with these standards, we reserve the right to disable rich snippets for a site in order to maintain a high-quality search experience for our users. Read our webmaster guidelines for more details.

Link: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/appearance/structured-data/sd-policies

Zakaj Drsnik ali Označevalnik Podatkov Ne Deluje?

Google can actually extract content from your pages and display it as a rich carousel (AMP or not).

But to make it easier, the best you can do is to use the Data Highlighter option in your Search Appearance tab in Webmaster Tools for your important pages (especially the pillar posts) but not on all content types. Rank Math makes it extremely convenient to do so.

To learn more about using this feature, visit https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2692911?

Kako v vtičnik vnesem Meta Ključne Besede?

Google does not use the keyword meta tag in web ranking. Here’s a video supporting that:

Bing also mentioned the following statement
Today, it’s pretty clear the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value. Sure, it might have value for contextual ad systems or serve as a signal to bots plying the web looking for topics to target, but as far as search goes, that tag flatlined years ago as a booster.

Zaradi teh razlogov ne moremo dodati Meta Ključnih Besed v vaše prispevke. Ampak, to delamo v vašo dobro, saj nima popolnoma nobenega vpliva na vaše SERP ali uvrstitev SERP.

Zakaj se na zemljevidih spletnega mesta prikaže napaka ‘Ni Najdeno (Not Found)’?

Zelo nam je žal, da se soočate s to težavo.

Poskusite naslednje in preverite, ali pomaga:
1. Pojdite na WP Nadzorno Ploščo >> Nastavitve >> Trajne Povezave (wp-admin / options-permalink.php) in kliknite gumb »Shrani spremembe«, ne da bi spremenili nastavitve.
2. Poskrbite, da imate objavljeno vsaj eno vsebino in je niste izključili iz zemljevida spletnega mesta.

Več o možnih napakah zemljevida spletnega mesta in odpravljanju le teh si lahko preberete na tej strani: Sitemap Errors & Fixes

Ti koraki bodo odpravili vašo težavo v 9 od 10 primerov. V nasprotnem ustvarite novo vprašanje podpori: https://support.rankmath.com/

Ni se vam treba ločeno registrirati in s svojim brezplačnim računom lahko odprete celo novo vprašanje.

Veselimo se, da vam bomo pomagali.

Imam dodatna vprašanja, kako vas lahko kontaktiram?

Pošljite nam e-pošto na support@rankmath.com in z veseljem vam bomo pomagali.


14 junija, 2024
This tool pretends like it has an amazing Schema tool. It’s THE WORST. For example, it puts schema for interal search, even if you don’t have a seach box on your webste. If you want to take that out, you have to MOIDFY YOUR CODE. Which generally involves another 4th party plugin that has secrutiy risks. Another example, you want to add two of something (ie. two alternateNames for a business). In JSON this very simple. In RankMath you have to again MODIFY YOUR CODE. What is the point of an”amazing” schema tool when basic request require modifying WP code!?This has been an issue for years and they don’t seem to have any intention of adding basic schema controls.Working in SEO nearly 20 years, I WOULD NOT recommend this plugin.
13 junija, 2024 2 replies
Since we started using Rankmath, every now and then all plugins are disabled except Rankmath itself. We have already lost a lot of income because of this.
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1.0.221 [June 12, 2024]

  • Improved: Moved Role Manager code to React. Now it loads blazing fast. We will gruadually make other modules load fast as well.
  • Fixed: Update button state in the Elementor editor remained active even without any content changes when the Schema module was enabled
  • Fixed: Table of Contents Block was not working with Full Site editing templates
  • Fixed: Organization name variable %org_name% was displaying the site name in the Preview editor instead of the Organization name
  • Fixed: Missing link to add new Redirection in the Redirections Table
  • Fixed: Missing checkbox to allow editing .htaccess file

Full changelog can be found here – Rank Math changelog