Salon Booking System


Salon Booking System is a complete and easy to use appointments scheduling system.

It helps your business getting more reservations on your website, saving you tons of hours with your agenda management tasks.

It’s on the market since 2015.

Salon Booking System has been effectively used by:

  • Hairdressers
  • Barbers shops
  • Beauty salons
  • Spas
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Therapists
  • Tutors
  • Health care center
  • Covid test center

It’s the ideal solution if you offer professional services on appointment, on same date and to a single person on each reservation.

With Salon Booking System handling your appointments is very easy, take a look at this 60’’ video:

Online Demo

click here to see it in action

Plugin’s main Free features

Back-end calendar

  • Monthly view
  • Weekly view
  • Daily view
  • Assistant view
  • Bookings export
  • Adding/Edit reservations from daily view
  • Block out time slots from daily view

General settings

  • Email notifications on new reservation
  • Email notification to selected assistant
  • Email reminder for the customers
  • Email followup
  • Email review notification
  • Email notification custom logo
  • Custom email message to the customers
  • Email message to invite users to leave a review on website or on a custom platform ( Google My Business, Facebook, other.. )
  • Customisable SMS notification on new reservation
  • SMS notification to selected assistant
  • SMS reminder for the customers
  • SMS followup
  • SMS verification code against spam
  • SMS Alphanumeric ID supported

  • Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms providers supported by default

  • set you favourite date and time format

  • set when your week starts
  • WordPress Editors as Salon Administrator

Availability settings

  • Three bookings methods BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH END
  • Booking time range
  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • Time range validity option for the weekly booking rules
  • Multiple holidays rules
  • Offset between reservations
  • Change booking form steps order ( Date&time – Services – Assistants – Checkout – Payment or reverse )
  • Manual booking confirmation
  • Users booking cancellation
  • Pause online booking form
  • Repeat past reservations
  • Re-schedule option

Payments options

  • Select currency
  • Hide prices
  • Decimals and thousand separators option

Check-out options

  • Enable guest checkout
  • Force guest checkout
  • Limit the number of services bookable at the same time
  • Control form fields
  • Log-in with Facebook account
  • Enable Advanced Discount System
  • Custom fields for check-out form

Two ways Google Calendar synchronisation

  • Synchronies reservations on salon administrator’s Google Calendar account
  • Salon admin can add and cancel reservations from his Google Calendar account

Front-end booking form styling

  • Choose among three different booking form sizes according to your page layout
  • Custom colors palette generator

Assistants settings

  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • Multiple holidays rules
  • Limit reservations to specific services
  • Multiple reservations for the same slot for classrooms booking
  • Google Calendar synchronisation
  • SMS notification when he’s booked
  • Email notification when he’s booked

Services settings

  • Price
  • Duration
  • Unit per session
  • Category grouping
  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • No assistant required option
  • Service break
  • Conditional “Secondary services”
  • Direct booking link
  • Exclusive service
  • Hide service on front-end

Advanced Discount System

  • Create unlimited coupon codes
  • Create unlimited discounts based on multiple criteria

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Customers archive

  • List of customers
  • Details page of each customer with a list of his reservations and feedbacks
  • Customer’s bookings statistics


  • Stats on reservations and revenues
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by services
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by assistant
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by customers
  • Email weekly report


  • Easy import of Users, Services and Assistants and Reservations from a CSV file

Frontend pages

  • Booking form page [salon/]
  • Customers account page [salon_booking_my_account]
  • Assistants bookings calendar [salon_booking_calendar]
  • Assistants list [salon_booking_assistant]
  • Services list [salon_booking_services]

PRO Edition Features

  • Online Payments ( Stripe or PayPal supported by default )
  • Deposit
  • Tips
  • Tax calculation
  • Minimum Order
  • Transaction Fee

  • Service price based on selected Assistant

  • Variable duration service
  • Multiple Assistants required for a service
  • Service Lock
  • Service Parallel Execution

  • Booking cloning

  • Resource based reservations
  • Time-zone based on customer location
  • Limit Assistant access priviledge

  • Mobile Web App for Salon Manager and Staff Members

Restful API

  • A complete set of API to use Salon Booking System inside your third party applications


Complete list of PRO Features...

Official Add-ons

1-Multi-Shops – Manage multiple branches of your Salon
2-WooCommerce Checkout – Integrate Salon Booking System with Woocommerce checkout
3-Services Packages – Build and Sell Bundled Services
4-Communicator– Send Email Marketing Campaigns to your customers
5-SOAP Notes – Keep track your customers progress
6-Geo Referencing Shops– Prompt the nearest shop to the customer location
7-Geo Referencing Assistants– Prompt the nearest Assistant to the customer location

Official Payments Methods Integration Add-ons

1- Takepayments
2- Iyzico
3- Powertranz
10-Viva Wallet
11-Mercado Pago

Official SMS Providers Integration Add-ons

4-SMS Hosting
6-Capitole Mobile
7-All My SMS
8-SMS to

Other Add-ons

Mailchimp Integration

Third parts integrations

Salon Booking System can be integrated with third part platforms trough

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  • screenshot-2.jpg

  • screenshot-3.jpg

  • screenshot-4.jpg

  • screenshot-5.jpg

  • screenshot-6.jpg

  • screenshot-7.jpg

  • screenshot-8.jpg

  • screenshot-9.jpg


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload salon-booking-system folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Salon > Settings to complete your salon settings


What kind of business this plugins best fits?

This plugin has been developed thinking about the specific needs of Barber Shop, Hairdressing salon, Beauty Centres and Spas.

Where is the official documentations?

click here

Which version of php is supported?

The plugin supports php 7.4 and above version.

Is it possible to accept online payments?

Online payments are available only with the PREMIUM VERSION of Salon Booking
that can be purchased here:

Is it multi language ready?

YES, Salon Booking comes equipped with a lot of localisations.
Just set your favourite WordPress language and Salon Booking will use that language.

You can easily manage the translation using a plugin like LocoTranslate.

Languages available:

If you want to contribuite to plugin translation please visit:

WPML and Polylang supported

Are there any conflicts with other plugins?

Some caching plugins could generate conflicts with our plugin.

Is it possible to customise the look and feel of the plugin front-end?

Yes, go to “Settings > Style > Color combination” option

Is It possible to manage multiple locations?

Yes with a dedicated add-on that you can find here:


Where I can buy the PREMIUM VERSION?

Click here:

What is the difference with FREE version?

FREE version doesn’t have the online payments options, no mobile app access, no priority support, no access to 30+ add-ons and many other plugin’s features.


3 januarja, 2024 2 replies
In general, I cannot recommend this plugin at all. If you need a working plugin go for Amelia, really solid plugin offering everything you could possibly need. Back to Salon, sorry to say but for business websites use it is a trash. To be more specific I have purchased Pro version but still suffered: Poor support Salon seems to be a beta-plugin. The backend design, logic of the setting etc. is very week. For me, it took weeks before guy from support could help me to finally make the plugin work. The documentation is chaotic, doesn’t include understandable instructions. Video tutorials are ridiculous – music on the background ? Seriously ? On top of that, I doubt there is more then 2 people in the background. It is more or less one man show. What you can possible expect from broken plugin with 0 support… Front end seems to be fine but… Front end in demos looks nice, it take some time to understand how categories are working. But it give your really low level of adjustability in real page integration it is very tough to properly fit it into your stilling. Resolution on 4K screen – disaster. Short code implementation – some nice block editing ??? Forget… Adjustability – there is basically nothing you can change. I really missed customization of the email notification. You have a template, with four tags. You can only change the text…no variables. Why you don’t allow user to insert a HTLM code – it is standard for all the plugins I know. It is a lie you can modify a php template. You cannot. Everything really hardcoded, without deep information of the plugin, you can do nothing. Customer approach – On the end I was really disappointed. I had to prepare a websites for the customer by the end of the year. I was messing around with this plugin since I have purchased it and was not able to work on it. On the very end, the support was able to fix it but it was too late for me – I didn’t want to go into another trouble shooting and I needed to go for better plugin ( Amelie ) to deliver the site to the customer in time. I have asked for the refund. The request was rejected bcs of 30 day limit. But as I said, for me the plugin was not working a single day. What a joke. To sum up, please don’t repeat my mistake and never go for this trash plugin. If it would be for free and would work on improvement by troubleshooting with customers, I would have nothing against. But want money for such kind of beta plugin is ridiculous. Go for Amelia or some other working plugins. JM
12 junija, 2023 1 reply
i’m so impressed with this Plugin. I have tried so many salon booking plug ins and this one is one of the best. The instructions are very easy to use. I have all the functions that I need for my company. Services and bookings are very easy to use and create. The team super supportive, fast answering any of my questions. Even though this is only a free version but its excellent 😍 thank you so much. I would suggest to have the two way, synced for Google calendar (any busy time I can export from Calendar, not only appointments).
24 januarja, 2023 2 replies
I tested the plugin for ten days and bought it for a customer. The customer decided against it. I’m still waiting for the refund today. The answer was: we refunded the money thirty days money back is untrue!!
20 decembra, 2022 1 reply
<p>I really liked the plugin! It suited the needs of my client and his hair salon. There’s a responsive booking screen you can add using a shortcode, email templates can be edited, and it’s very customizable in general.<br />Best feature is the two-way Google calendar sync. That really impressed my client and made the whole solution very user/hairdresser friendly. Now if there’s a booking via phone or fb then it’s super easy for them to make a certain time period unavailable to other guests.<br />The Hungarian language file had a couple of bad translations, plus there are a few English strings in the email templates that you have to edit on the server in the files.<br />While the salon I made it for only has one employee/owner I can see how this solution can serve larger businesses.<br />Documentation is excellent.<br />Molte grazie!</p> <p> </p> <p>Update: Still loving it, performing really well. The hairdresser really took a liking to the google calendar workflow. Clients are using it too so it seems that it’s making everyone’s life easier.</p>
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Contributors & Developers

“Salon Booking System” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Salon Booking System” has been translated into 4 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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9.9 – 17.05.2024

  • Fixed vulnerability issue
  • PRO edition: Implemented “Edit customers details from Web App”
  • Fixed link to whatsapp number chat on “Bookings” section

9.7 – 07.05.2024

  • Fixed issue with booking approval
  • Fixed issue with booking creation from back-end

9.6.9 – 03.05.2024

  • Fixed issue with file upload custom field
  • Fixed security issue
  • Fixed Discount calculation issue
  • Added new feature “Import bookings from a CSV file”
  • Fixed minor issues

9.6.7 – 12.04.2024

  • Minor issues fixed

9.6.6 – 08.04.2024

  • Minor issues fixed

9.6.6 – 04.04.2024

  • Fixed vulnerability issue

9.6.5 – 27.03.2024

  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar synch
  • Fixed issue with Discounts when total amount is negative
  • Fixed issue with Discount calculation
  • Minor fixes

9.6.4 – 14.03.2024

  • Fixed issues with services prices on web app when multi-shops is enabled
  • Fixed issue with block time slots on web app when multi-shops is enabled
  • Fixed issue with calculation of transaction fee when deposit is enabled
  • Multiple attendas for single service issue is fixed
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Changed users onboarding process

9.6.3 – 05.03.2024

  • Security issue addressed
  • Improvements on new Booking My Account section

9.6.2 – 02.03.2024

  • New layout of “Booking My Account” section
  • Improved the “Add new booking” from back-end by checking the lenght of reservation
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Implemented minor improvements

9.6 – 15.02.2024

  • Fixed issue on plugin activation
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar
  • Improved loading time of bookings section when large number of reservations is present
  • Fixed other minor issues

9.5.2 – 08.02.2024

  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar

9.5.1 – 07.02.2024

  • Fixed vulnerability issue
  • Fixed issue with SMS reminder
  • Fixed Address field on checkout
  • Fixed minor issues

9.5 – 01.02.2024

  • Various minor bugs fixed
  • Security issue fixed

9.4 – 19.01.2024

  • Fixed php error on plugin activation on some wp installs
  • Fixed minor issues

9.3 – 10.01.2024

  • Fixed issue with Manual Booking Confirmation option
  • Fixed issue with Back-end calendar
  • Fixed issue with missing back-end salon booking menù items
  • Fixed issue with Multiple Assistants selection, Service Variable price by assistant
  • Minor improvements of booking details


  • Fixed issues on front-end booking process


  • Fixed error during booking process


  • New Front-end Booking Form layout
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added Hungarian language to back-end calendar
  • Fixed issue on back-end calendar on Safari
  • Payments and Confirmations buttons on front-end booking form have been moved to “Summary” step


  • Fixed minor issues
  • Made some UI improvements


  • Display customer’s personal notes inside Web App
  • Minor fixes on back-end calendar


  • Fixed issue on Web App for variable quantity services
  • Added new currency “Cape Verdean Escudo”
  • Display customer phone on “Bookings” section and on back-end calendar
  • Improved “Discounts” section on Web App
  • Added “Swedish” local on Web App
  • Improved UI of service break
  • Minor issues


  • Fixed deprecated php warnings


  • Fixed some php issues that involve the Multi-shops add-on


  • Fixed issue with integration
  • Fixed issue with custom colors on “Re-Schedule” section of “Booking My Account”
  • Implemented new “Assistants view” option for back-end calendar on “weekly view”
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed issue with 0 duration services
  • Fixed issue on services selection step
  • Fixed issue with specific colors combination of booking form


  • Fixed issue of previous version release
  • Implemented a new Customer’s photo gallery on Web App ( only PRO edition)
  • Fixed issue with UTF-8 support for SMS notifications


  • Added “Resources” new feature – only PRO edition
  • Add booking from back-end, now you can search a customer by phone number
  • Display Service’s category name on Google Calendar events details


  • Minor bugs fixed


  • Fixed issue on Assistants selection


  • Fixed issue with Stripe payments
  • Booking my account page: Scroll to load past reservations
  • Back-end calendar, Assistant view, assistants columns order, now follows the order set into “Assistants” section
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar synch
  • “Discounts usages” export to CSV file new feature
  • Have the accordion open if only one service exists
  • Fixed issue with Web App – Customers address book


  • Update Freemius SDK
  • Improved the “load more past reservations” on Booking My Account page, Booking History tab


  • Fix vulnerability issue


  • Service’s Specific date availability – new feature (PRO)
  • Custom URL Feedback submission available on Booking My Account
  • Feedback reminder available even if “Force guest checkout” is enabled
  • “Booking my account” page – “Discount usage” tab – improvements
  • “Skip summary step” – new option added – settings / checkout
  • “complete payment” – new feature added (PRO)
  • Fixed missing translations inside the “booking email notification”


  • Notify a discount by email
  • Discount based on customer score


  • Fixed issue with pending bookings email notification to admin / actions buttons
  • Fixed issue with translations of custom titles on front-end booking form
  • Minor issues fixed


  • Fixed issue with back-end calendar
  • Added a new tab “Discounts usage” inside “Booking my account” page
  • Booking email notification re-styling


  • New option to disable Google Fonts for GDPR compliance
  • New “Tip” field on booking details on back-end to track the tipped amount
  • Fixed issue on Trashed bookings
  • Fixed issue on CH language
  • Fixed issue on Gmail snippet Timezone


  • fixed minor issue on API call
  • fixed minor issue on Multi-shop add-on


  • Fixed various issues


  • Fixed issue with “booking export to CSV” with custom fields
  • Fixed issue with API endpoint
  • Improved Web App compatibility with the Multi-Shops add-on


  • Improved booking preview on mobile web app
  • Fixed issue with user import tool


  • Fixed error during booking process on front-end


  • Fixed various issues


  • Fixed issue on last step of booking form
  • Fixed issue with Booking time range


  • Translated calendar of Web App
  • Salon Shop Manager can now access the Web App
  • Added Portuguese translation to Web App
  • Fixed time format issue of the Web App


  • Changed “Choose an assistant for me” logic
  • Fixed php issue
  • Fixed issue with PayPal payment