WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Calculator


WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Calculator is a WordPress Plugin that integrate the Royal Mail service, it will calculate the shipping cost and the delivery time for your customer.

If you have any issues or questions, please open a thread in the WordPress.org forum, or you can open a support ticket on our website.

Plugin’s features

Domestic Parcel Shipping

Four types of domestic shipping options are supported. You can anytime, disable/enable one or all of these options.

* Standard First Class Small Parcel
* Standard First Class Medium Parcel
* Second Class: Small Parcel
* Second Class: Medium Parcel

Default Size and Weight

In case you don’t want to add weight and dimensions for all of the products you have or even you missed adding this information to one of them. The plugin allows you to set a default weight and dimensions of your product in case of the product’s information are missing.

Debug Mode

The debug mode is an excellent tool to test out the plugin’s settings and shipping prices as the plugin will be only activated for you. Also, it will display debugging information at the checkout page if the Debug Mode is enabled.

Pro features

Domestic Parcel Shipping

All the domestic shipping options are supported. You can anytime, disable/enable one or all of these options.

* Standard First Class Small Parcel
* Standard First Class Medium Parcel
* Second Class: Small Parcel
* Second Class: Medium Parcel
* Signed For: First Small Parcel
* Signed For: First Medium Parcel
* Signed For: Second Class Small Parcel
* Signed For: Second Class Medium Parcel
* Special Delivery: Guaranteed by 9am
* Special Delivery: Guaranteed by 1pm
* Special Delivery: Guaranteed by 1pm Saturday
* Special Delivery: Guaranteed by 9am Saturday

International Shipping

A wide range of international shipping options are supported:

* International Standard Small Parcel
* International Economy Small Parcel
* International Tracked and Signed Small Parcel
* International Tracked Small Parcel
* International Signed Small Parcel

Evri Domestic Shipping

* Standard Delivery: Delivery in 2 – 4 days.
* Next Day Delivery: Delivery in 1 working day to most UK destinations.

Evri International Shipping

* Evri Parcelshop:  Drop off your parcel at your local shop and we’ll do the rest.
* Evri Courier: Evri will collect your parcels from your location between 8 am – 8 pm.

DPD Domestic Shipping

* Shop to Shop
* Drop off at Shop
* Door 2 Door – Next Day
* Door to Door – By 12
* Door to Door – By 10:30

DPD International Shipping

* Drop off at Shop – DPD Classic
* Door 2 Door – DPD Classic
* Drop off at Shop – Air Classic
* Door 2 Door – Air Classic
* Drop off at Shop – Air Express
* Door 2 Door – Air Express

Parcelforce Shipping

Do you need to ship parcels internationally with the Express service of ParcelForce? No worries. Our plugin supports most of the ParcelForce options:

* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 9
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 10
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express AM
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 24
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 48
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 9 Saturday
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 10 Saturday
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express AM Saturday
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 24 Saturday
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Express 48 Saturday
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Global Economy
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Global Value
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Global Priority
* Parcelforce Worldwide: Global Express

Letters Shipping

If you sell small-sized items, you can always enable the letters option to save your customers high shipping prices and increase sales. Supported letters options:

  • Domestic Letters Options

    • Standard First Class Letter
    • Standard First Class Large Letter
    • Second Class: Letter
    • Second Class: Large Letter
    • Signed For: First Class Letter
    • Signed For: First Class Large Letter
    • Signed For: Second Class Letter
    • Signed For: Second Class Large Letter
  • International Letters Options

    • International Standard Letter
    • International Standard Large Letter
    • International Economy Letter
    • International Economy Large Letter
    • International Tracked and Signed Letter
    • International Tracked and Signed Large Letter
    • International Tracked Letter
    • International Tracked Large Letter
    • International Signed Large Letter
    • International Signed Letter

Handling Fees and Discounts

If either you need to add a handling fees for your shipping order, or if you want to reduce the shipping costs for your customers. We set an option for that where you can add an amount value to reduce or increase the shipping cost. The value can be either a number or a percentage, positive for handling fees and negative for discounts.

Display the Cheapest options

Cut to the Chase and provide the cheapest option to your customers without putting them in the hustle of choosing from many options.


  • Royal Mail Shipping Settings Page.
  • Checkout Page Preview.


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Calculator’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select royalmail-woocommerce-shipping-calculator.zip from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download royalmail-woocommerce-shipping-calculator.zip
  2. Extract the royalmail-woocommerce-shipping-calculator directory to your computer
  3. Upload the royalmail-woocommerce-shipping-calculator directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


31 oktobra, 2023
Hello, i have created ecommerce website on wordpress now i have royal mail API. I want to integrate royal mail API in my wordpress site. this plugin don’t have provide API integration option. guide me another option.
7 aprila, 2022
I have been using the free version of this plugin for about a year. The prices charged for Royal Mail postage are accurate. I have had one issue following an update and the response and support was excellent. I highly recommend this plugin.
7 julija, 2021
We switched up to the PRO version of this plugin to access the ‘remove tax from shipping’ element and found the plugin quick and easy to use. I got confused with some of the settings for WooCommerce + WordPress + Royal Mail Plugin, but WPRuby’s customer support were so helpful and patient with me – I freely recommend using their products.
22 februarja, 2021
whoever built this does not know the royal mail prices in any shape or form. the lowest price it comes up with is for a parcel at over five pounds. According to this app its costing me more than mt actual product. Just to let you know it cost £3.66 to send a small parcell up to notice this bit “UP TO” 500g not £5.30 for 250g parcel. the only people who have given this 5 stars must be very shady people that like making a profit by over charging for postage. shame on you.
8 septembra, 2020
I have had the pro version for some time – and have recently been in contact with the developer to make a few corrections to some calculations errors we discovered. The response from support has been extremely helpful – with fixes and feedback within a day. The calculations for pricing is very accurate (Tip: Don’t Check the “Remove Tax” Option), based on my testing with various product combinations, numbers and sizes. The developer has been very open to suggestions and recommendations – and the product has been recently improved with some very helpful additions. For example, each postage class can be individually adjusted – making it perfect to add the cost of packaging based on class or options selected. A great new feature that has been added includes using your own box sizes and packaging, and has great potential. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking to use this plugin.
3 decembra, 2019
We have the pro version and it works reliably without the hangups we experienced with other shipping calculator plugins. However, it does consistently under price the cost of shipping, both UK and international and the cost of packaging has to be built into the product pricing.
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Royal Mail Shipping Calculator” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.9.0 04.04.2024

Updated: Royal Mail April 2024 prices.

1.8.0 07.01.2024

  • Fixed: Dependency conflicts.
  • Fixed: Signed For Medium Parcel was not working.

1.7.12 01.11.2023

  • Added: WooCommerce HPOS support.
  • Fixed: If the Small Parcel option is selected, then the plugin will keep splitting the order into small parcels. Now it will revert to medium parcels after 2kg.

1.7.11 02.10.2023

  • Added: Royal Mail Prices (October 2023).

1.7.10 23.07.2023

  • Fixed: Special Delivery: Guaranteed by 1pm was not working.

1.7.9 03.04.2023

  • Added: Royal Mail Prices (April 2023).

1.7.8 22.10.2022

  • Added: WordPress 6.0 compatibility.
  • Added: WooCommerce 7.0 compatibility.

1.7.7 08.04.2022

  • Fixed: Standard Second Class Small Parcel was not working.

1.7.6 06.04.2022

  • Fixed: Signed For: First Class Small Parcel was not working.

1.7.5 05.04.2022

  • Added: Royal Mail Prices (April 2022).

1.7.4 23.03.2022

  • Added: WooCommerce 6.3 compatibility.

1.7.3 30.01.2022

  • Added: WordPress 5.9 compatibility.

1.7.2 30.12.2021

  • Fixed: update minimum PHP version to 7.3

1.7.1 21.12.2021

  • Fixed: No prices were returning with Consider Insurance enabled.

1.7.0 16.12.2021

  • ADDED: BoxPacker for better packing algorithm.
  • ADDED: Strip Taxes option to even out taxed shipping prices.

1.6.3 24.02.2021

  • FIXED: removing dimensions print from frontend.

1.6.2 19.02.2021

  • ADDED: Fix small parcel calculations.

1.6.1 31.12.2020

  • ADDED: 2021 Royal Mail Prices.

1.6.0 23.09.2020

  • ADDED: Insurance option to consider items prices when calculating shipping options.

1.5.3 12.08.2020

  • FIXED: The setting page widgets header after WP 5.5 release.

1.5.2 25/04/2020

  • FIXED: filter small & medium options if the package is large

1.5.1 25/04/2020

  • FIXED: Signed For option were not calculated correctly.
  • FIXED: Add dimensions to calculate small & medium parcels.

1.5.0 17/04/2020

  • ADDED: update the Royal Mail 2020 shipping prices
  • FIXED: default size input boxes styles.

1.4.1 01/04/2019

  • FIXED: update the Royal Mail 2019 shipping prices

1.4.0 25/03/2019

  • ADDED: update the Royal Mail 2019 shipping prices

1.3.2 21/03/2019

  • FIXED: adjust the default settings in order to retrieve rates

1.3.1 22/07/2018

  • FIXED: Dimensions calculations PHP warning

1.3.0 30/03/2018

  • ADDED: update the shipping prices for Royal Mail 2018 standards

1.2.3 10/04/2017

  • ADDED: update the shipping prices for Royal Mail 2017 standards

1.2.2 23/03/2017

  • FIXED: if Small Parcel is selected keep adding items to multiple small parcels

1.2.1 09/3/2017

  • FIXED: Compatibility with Kite Print and Dropshipping on Demand plugin

1.2.0 21/6/2016

  • ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce less than 2.6.0
  • ADDED: Support of UK Guaranteed and UK Confirmed shipping options.


  • ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce Shipping Zones which introduced in WC 2.6.0


UPDATED: The last prices from Royal Mail.


  • Initial release.