Ads by WPQuads – Adsense Ads, Banner Ads, Popup Ads & more


The legendary WPQuads Ads plugin is back with the modern approach for an Ads solution. WP QUADS is coded well with no overhead and is used on huge websites with millions of monthly page impressions.

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WPQuads is the most feature rich & Advanced Ad Inserter & Adsense solution built for WordPress.


  • NEW – Web Stories Integration: Advertise in AMP Web Stories.
  • NEW – Click Fraud Protection: Helps you fight the click fraud and helps you stabilize the ad revenue.
  • NEW – GDPR & Privacy tools: We have got the GDPR and other privacy tools planned so that you dont have to worry about complying with privacy laws.
  • Easy to use Modern options panel built on React JS.
  • Deeply integrates with AMP plugins like AMPforWP, Official AMP by Google.
  • Google Adsense support: It gives a deep integration with the ad types of Google Adsense like Display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads & Auto ads. You can define fixed or responsive sizes for the ads.
  • Google AD Manager, formerly Double Click for Publishers (DFP) support.
  • 8 Ad vendors support and 20 more on the development roadmap
  • 12 Ads positions that helps you control where the ad will appear.
  • 10 Post Specific Ads Control: 10 Conditional Ad visibility positions which allows you to control (include/exclude) on which pages would you like the ads to appear.
  • 9 Targeting conditions which will allow you to control when an ad should appear.
  • Custom Image banner support
  • Custom html Code support with auto AMP Sanitization
  • Background ad (Full website background ad)
  • Group multiple ads into one and rotate them Randomly
  • ads.txt support
  • Lazy Loading for Adsense ads
  • Revenue Sharing Support
  • Propeller Ads Support
  • WPML Support – Show different ads as per language
  • Responsive ads
  • Ad Blocker support: It’s the most advanced ad blocker which allows you to add the notice in 4 types. Bar, Popup, Page Redirection & Block Message. You can choose if you want to show only once or on every visit.
  • Unlimited Ads – Add an unlimited amount of ads to your website.
  • Layout options to help you control Alignment & Margin of the ads.
  • Ad Label support: You can add your custom label, you can even choose to display it above or below the ad.
  • One-click duplicate ads with the same configuration
  • Ajax based search to help you quickly find the ads
  • Sidebar Widgets to ads unlimited widget ads in the sidebar
  • High Performance – Developed well to keep the speed of your site. It loads only the code it needs at the moment of execution, making it small and fast and with a lot of hooks easy extensible by third party developers.
  • Serialized storing of Ad options instead storing every single option as separate table entry all over
  • Multi language support
  • Remove of small coding issues like “unexpected output” message when plugin is activated on several sites
  • Import / Export function makes plugin migrating to other sites easier. Copy your ads code to other sites.
  • Caching Power – Supports WP Rocket, W3 Total and any other Caching plugin.


With WPQUADS PRO you can add as many ads as you like to your WordPress website. There are no limitations.
Get access to more professional Settings, options and positions to really push your ads to the next level.
* New – AD Blindness : Helps you fight the Ad blindness.
* New – Skip Ad : Helps you to make ads Skippable.
* New – AD Logging : Gives you an almost accurate data page, IP, browser, referrer, and dimensions of the user that clicked the ad and gives you reports of that data.
* Group Insertion
* Ad rotator
* Reports & Tracking : Find out which of your ads are performing the best and find out the most performing ad location.
* Geo Targeting : Target the ads based on the city and countries.

Ad Vendors Support

  • Google Adsense
  • Google AD Manager, formerly Double Click for Publishers (DFP)
  • Yandex Direct Ads support
  • MGID Ads Support
  • Taboola Ads support
  • ads Support
  • MediaVine Ads support
  • Outbrain Ads support
  • Infolinks Ads support
  • 20+ more ad vendors coming in the future updates.

Display Positions for Ads

  • Beginning of Post
  • Middle of Post
  • End of the Post
  • After Paragraph: You can choose after which paragraph you want to display the ad. You can even choose to display an ad after every X number of paragraph.
  • Right after the tag
  • Right before the last Paragraph
  • After Image: You can choose after which image you want to display the ad.
  • By Word Count
  • After the Percentage
  • Ad After HTML Tag: You can choose between these tags p, img, h1 – h6 & even custom html tag. You can even choose to display after x number of that specific tag.
  • Ads Inbetween Loop: You can choose after which post do you want to display the ad and even display after every x number of posts.
  • Shortcode & PHP tag placement
  • More display positions are coming in the future updates

Visibility: You can choose include/exclude the ads from

  • Post types
  • Post: specific one post or multiple posts
  • Homepage
  • Globally
  • Logged-in User Roles Type
  • Post Category: specific one category or multiple categories
  • Post Tag: specific one tag or multiple tags
  • Post Formats
  • Page: specific one page or multiple pages
  • Taxonomy Terms
  • Page Templates

Targeting: When should the ad be displayed

  • Device Type
  • Browser Language
  • Logged In
  • User Agent
  • User Role
  • Cookie
  • URL Parameter
  • Referrer URL Path
  • Browser Width

Active Development:

We are actively developing this plugin and our aim is to make this plugin into the #1 advertisment solution in the world. You can Request a Feature or Report a Bug. The code is hosted on Github.

Development Roadmap:

  • A/B Testing: Find out which ads perform the most and how you can improve the ad revenue further.
  • 3rd Party compatibility: Deep integration with BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, bbPress, Paid Membership Pro, WPML, Mailpoet, Multisite, WooCommerce and More.
  • Innovation & Disruption: We are constantly evolving our product and going to introduce new features which are not being used by anyone in the world.
  • View Full Development Roadmap

Pro version supports additional advanced features:

JOIN CHAT GROUP COMMUNITY: Purpose of this group is to get proper suggestions and feedback from plugin users and the community so that we can make the plugin even better.


Documentation & Tutorials are available on Documentation Center.

Technical Support

Support is provided in Forum. You can also Contact us, our turn around time on email is around 12 hours.

We Guarantee

This plugin does not do any revenue sharing with your Google AdSense ads. We never show our on ads ads on your website.
We are an active and dedicated member of the WordPress community and we are following strictly the WordPress Codex in terms of code quality and good behave.


  • The Ads Overview Page
  • Choose Ad Vendor
  • How to insert an Ad?
  • Ad types in AdSense
  • Visibility & Targeting Options
  • Where do you want to insert the ad?
  • You can Insert the ad anywhere
  • Tons of options to target the ad.
  • Settings Page for WPQuads
  • Widget AD
  • Customer Support Happiness Stats


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Ads by WPQuads – Adsense Ads, Banner Ads, Popup Ads & more
  • Ads by WPQuads – Adsense Ads, Banner Ads, Popup Ads & more


Recommended Installation:

  1. Go to YourWebsite->Plugins->Add New
  2. Search for “Quick Adsense reloaded” or “WP QUADS”
  3. Click “install Now”

Alternative Installation:

  1. Download the plugin , unzip and place it in your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.



Quick Adsense is a great plugin and used by more than 100.000 websites.
Although is not under maintenance and development for more than 3 years by the original author it is still downloaded hundred times a day.
So I decided to continue the project to make sure the plugin will also work in future with new WordPress versions.
Deprecated functions removed, bugs fixed and new filters and hooks created to make this plugin extensible by third party developers!
Deprecated functions removed, bugs fixed and new filters and hooks created to make this plugin extensible by third party developers!

Do we insert our own ads

We don’t insert any ads into the users website. We believe in the advertisement solution and that’s why we built it.

How does WPQuads make money

We make money only by selling the PRO version, we do not do any un-ethical ways to make the money.

Does WPQuads take a part of the Revenue?

We do not take any part of the revenue, nor we do any revenue sharing with our user. Our software is a fully open-source project.

How do I report bugs and suggest new features?

You can report the bugs here

Will you Add New features to my request?

Yes, Absolutely! We would suggest you send your feature request by creating an issue in Github . It helps us organise the feedback easily.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us from here


15 avgusta, 2022
More than a week ago I opened a topic on the support forum. No one even bothered to answer. After the last update, it caused some problems on my site that I couldn't solve. When I disabled the plugin, the problems disappeared completely. It is no longer a plugin I recommend.
30 maja, 2022
I wanted to use this plugin on a magazine website because the new interface looks easy for non-tech users, however it has several major issues and seems behave inconsistently so I've just lost like 2 days of work trying to make this thing up and running.
11 aprila, 2022
I'm pretty lazy to rate a plugin because I have to log in every time I do so. However this plugin really makes me happy, I think I should do something to thank.
12 aprila, 2022
It has some good features and is fairly intuitive. I am still having a tough time getting adsense to work well with it. It also seems to have a number of serious issues with placing more than 1 block on a page. For example I have 3 adsense blocks and wanted to put them top left, mid right and bottom (wide ad bar). I tried various ways but never could get all three to show at once. Usually it would duplicate 1 of the blocks not show one of the 3. So I tried using shortcodes instead. Unfortunately it gave the same shortcode id to all 3 of the blocks I made. Not sure what that will do. Anyway, I am giving up now and looking for other solutions. Hopefully this will get solved. I like the interface.
20 januarja, 2022
works good but i dont know why the AMP plugin ad display didn't work. Had to apply the code manaully to the AMP plugin CSS. However, 5 star for simple and easy setup and works cool on computer and mobile version..
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Contributors & Developers

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2.0.59 ( 01 September 2022 )

  • Updated : Optimized the ad render function #607
  • Fixed: If post does not have content then “remove_ad_from_content” function is giving fatal error #609
  • Fixed: Unused Script sample.js loading with 404 in admin dashboard #611
  • Fixed: Feedback form not working on deactivation #606 ( 20 August 2022 )

  • Fixed: Blank spaces created in BoomBox Theme

2.0.58 ( 18 August 2022 )

  • Fixed: Removing quad_cc from query string when cache plugin is present ( 17 August 2022 )

  • Added: Add Carousal ads #272
  • Added: Hold & Scroll – View onScroll Ad #586
  • Added: Docs links after all vendors and formats Ad #586
  • Updated: Improve the Reports UI & UX #578
  • Updated: Changed “Add New” UI to Vendors and format #573
  • Fixed: In classic interface If we add an AD by using short-code then getting a warning notice #596

2.0.57 ( 20 July 2022 )

  • Added: Parallax option for Image Banner Ad #272
  • Added: Loop ads feature #584
  • Fixed: Validation errors in standard mode with Official AMP plugin #582
  • Fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function str_contains() #593 ( 12 July 2022 )

  • Fixed: Activate license button not working. #588

2.0.56 ( 12 July 2022 )

  • Fixed: Removed Position option from AutoAds. #535
  • Fixed: Empty div improvement in Auto Ads. #538
  • Fixed: Ad blocker is showing pop-up even if the visitor’s Ad blocker is disabled/unavailable. #556
  • Fixed: ADS not showing show if we are using a page scroll to ID. #569
  • Fixed: Using Auto Insert BEFORE HTML tags changes all text before the first HTML Tag on the page to the formatting of that tag. #570
  • Fixed: popup with impressions #527
  • Fixed: Some issue related to popup, ad rotate, video ad and normal ads #575
  • Fixed: Ad Performance Tracking is working independently even if the option is disabled #583

2.0.55 ( 21 June 2022 )

  • Added: Sticky Ad Feature. #566
  • Fixed: Ad blocker’s pop-up is getting closed if the visitor is clicking anywhere on the screen. #557
  • Fixed: Quick tags are not showing in the classic version. #568
  • Fixed: add more links to plugins menu link. #567

2.0.54 ( 13 June 2022 )

  • Fixed: Loading… appears before Ad. #563

2.0.53 ( 04 June 2022 )

  • Added: An Option to add Ad Before HTML Tag #531
  • Added: An Option to set margin as left and right #539
  • Added: An Option to set on only AMP version for Ad “After Paragraph” #540
  • Added: View Report of Ad Impressions. #541
  • Added: Video Ads Support. #543
  • Fixed: Updated mail id. #554
  • Fixed: Custom position ads not working #553
  • Fixed: Sitka theme customiser breaking issue #529

2.0.52 ( 20 May 2022 )

  • Fixed: Tooltip improved. #534
  • Fixed: Auto save indication improvement. #536
  • Fixed: Notice removed. #544
  • Fixed: Readme files updated. #546

2.0.51 ( 16 May 2022 )

  • Added: Popup AD Feature #527
  • Fixed: option to show image banner ads even if the user enabled ad blocker. #524
  • Fixed: Ad Log Option rendered even if AD Performance is turned Off #527
  • Fixed: changes in Readme. #528

2.0.50 ( 05 May 2022 )

  • Fixed: main ad table icons hover should show tooltip. #513
  • Fixed: added rotator through widget and it shows this label. #514
  • Fixed: Database error: Unknown table fields. #517
  • Fixed: An option to add text around Ads. #519
  • Fixed: An option for display a “Ad” size as per the device. #521
  • Fixed: when shortcode is not created but used in the_content throws warnings. #522

2.0.49 (18 April 2022)

  • Fixed: Impressions & clicks not counting properly. #515
  • Fixed: Improved Ad rotator settings area. #510
  • Fixed: Ad Positioning skipped. #508
  • Fixed: Advanced Ad importer not importing Group Ads . #501
  • Fixed: Advanced Ad importer not importing image Ads . #506

2.0.48 (09 April 2022)

  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary scripts. #499

2.0.47 (08 April 2022)

  • Fixed: Changes in AD Name should reflect in rotator ads. #494
  • Fixed: impressions and clicks not added using rotator ads. #493

2.0.46 (02 April 2022)

  • Added: Compatibility with WPML Plugin #415

2.0.45 (26 March 2022)

  • Added: Propeller ADS Support #461
  • Fixed: Improvements regarding the expired license condition. #488
  • Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined index: ads #490
  • Fixed: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() #490

2.0.44 (16 March 2022)

  • Fixed: Ads clicks not added #486
  • Fixed: Drafted & deleted ads rendering in rotator ads #487

2.0.43 (10 March 2022)

  • Fixed: Ads not rendering when Tcf option is enabled #484

2.0.42 (07 March 2022)

  • Fixed: Ads to be displayed connected with posts Pagination option #482
  • Fixed: AD clicks not calculating in Image Banner AD when added via shortcode #469
  • Fixed: Shortcode not generating when name is entered #476

2.0.41 (01 March 2022)

  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function quads_get_client_ip() #469
  • Fixed: Tested upto 5.9.1 #465
  • Fixed: Adpushup support deprecated #463 (05 February 2022)

  • Fixed: Adsense ads not loading #467

2.0.40 (31 January 2022)

  • Added: Live AD Rotation in one group as a grid #461
  • Fixed: Validation errors in transitional mode with Official AMP Plugin #456

2.0.39 (28 December 2021)

  • Fixed: Revenue Reports Feature not working #452 (21 December 2021)

  • Fixed: Page improvements #356
  • Fixed: Direct purchase from inside #355

2.0.38 (18th December 2021)

  • Fixed: improved “Go Pro” text #356
  • Fixed: unnecessary notifications in panel #375 (16th December 2021)

  • Fixed: Added Escaping for Duplicate Ads Option #449 (15th December 2021)

  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function quads_get_client_ip() #447

2.0.37 (13th December 2021)

  • Added: Added Padding option in AD Settings #414
  • Fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot access offset of type string on string #444
  • Fixed: Removed AdPushup Notification for Pro users #441

2.0.36 (7th December 2021)

  • Added: Added a feature of Doubleclick Sticky AD(AMP) #440
  • Fixed: Adsense Sticky AD shows AD in sticky as well as before Single Post Content Position #439
  • Fixed: Doubleclick ADS not loading #442

2.0.35 (23rd November 2021)

  • Added: Added a feature to Log IP Address for Click Fraud Protection #437
  • Fixed: Incorrect Document Links #436
  • Fixed: License showing incorrect date for Lifetime users #432

2.0.34 (09th November 2021)

  • Fixed: ads not getting displayed on “After Paragraph 1” #434
  • Fixed: License key date update automatically #430
  • Fixed: Update the Expiry date of licence. #423

2.0.33 (25th October 2021)

  • Added: By default AMP compatibility is checked, if we do uncheck and save then it’s not getting changed. #428

2.0.32 (22nd October 2021)

  • Added: AdPushup Ad Network #419

2.0.31 (14th October 2021)

  • Fix: Failed to load plugin: quads_shortcode from url… #426
  • Fix: The script tag contains invalid JSON that cannot be parsed issue in AMP #425

2.0.30 (24th August 2021)

  • Fix: Fixed error message while adblocker with classic editor #408
  • Fix: Reduce the API calls on server. #390
  • Fix: Need to hide in between li tags. #3411

2.0.29 (13th August 2021)

  • New: Role based quads display #388
  • Fix: Word count bug fix #407
  • Fix: Newspaper theme conflicts with WpQuads #395
  • Fix: To change Background color to the ads #387
  • New: pro version label change #409 (03rd August 2021)

  • Fix: Option panel was getting blank #403 (28th July 2021)

  • Fix: After update 2.0.28 wpquads server issue. #402

2.0.28 (27th July 2021)

  • New: AD Blindness #363
  • New: Skippable ads. #343
  • New: AD Logging #364
  • New: Ad lazy load for vital #362
  • Fix: Image was not converting to amp-image on AMP #400 (05th June 2021)

  • Fix: when sticky ads are enable Adsense ads are not loading: #394
  • Fix: Newspaper unable to add mutiple ads #392 (29th June 2021)

  • New: update readme.txt #393 (26th June 2021)

  • New: Newspaper Theme compatibility #392 (6th June 2021)

  • Fix: Unable to import Advanced Ads shortcode #371
  • Fix: After first installation, it goes to Upgrade to pro #380
  • Fix: Mistake in page #374

2.0.27 (7th April 2021)

  • Fix: Fixed Widget option is not working properly bug #342
  • Fix: Fixed 404 error on vi.html #351
  • Fix: Ads are not showing post category pages #331

2.0.26 (29th April 2021)

  • New: Ad impression and Ad clicks. #312
  • Fix: Fixed duplicate id issue #341
  • Fix: Lazy loading issue #352
  • Fix: Undefined index and array key errors #350

2.0.25 (10th April 2021)

  • New: Import option for the settings is not there in the tool section. #339
  • Fix: License key is not visible when the license is activated. #338
  • Fix: duplicate option not working properly #340

2.0.24 (3rd April 2021)

  • New: Check list for 2.0.24 #334
  • New: Click Fraud Protection is not working perfectly #332
  • New: Geolocation targeting feature is not working cloudflare server. #337
  • Fix: No country names when selected Country from the Excluded list. #336

2.0.23 (30th March 2021)

  • New: visibility conditions. #325
  • New: Sticky floating ads. #263
  • New: AMP Story ADS feature. #276
  • Fix: reports on/off. #329

2.0.22 (15th March 2021)

  • New: Adsense Reports #290
  • Fix: Hide ads for user roles (PRO) #313
  • Fix: Improved targeting condition #328
  • Fix: Random ads Exclude targeting is not working #320

2.0.21 (09th March 2021)

  • New: created an option to remove Quads Markup #180
  • Fix: PHP Deprecated: implode() #277
  • Fix: Theme ad location #284
  • Fix: Free vs pro section in Plugin #308
  • Fix: proper links in readme.txt by ahmed #309
  • Fix: WP quads ads block is not working properly in the widgets section. #314
  • Fix: Ads not displayed in Custom Post Type created by Custom Post Type UI plugin #321
  • Fix: warning message after 2.0.20 update #318
  • Fix: Visibility conditions Post are getting duplicated #322 (17th February 2021)

  • Fix: Fixed Warning message #318

2.0.20 (17th February 20201

  • Fix: Target not working for ads in between loops. #303
  • Fix: Issue while ad saving. #316
  • Fix: Export ads settings #271
  • Fix: Typo. #307
  • Fix: Fixed Shortcode does not work on Homepage and topic. #315

2.0.19 (21st January 2021)

  • New: New Group Insertion #297
  • Fix: Exclude targeting is not working. #286
  • Fix: Random Ads shortcode does not work. #278
  • Fix: Rotator Ads shortcode does not work. #278
  • Fix: Rotator Ads work flow. #274 (07th January 2021)

  • Fix: Fixed Google Auto Ads script is not getting saved #293
  • Fix: Fixed Duplicate option. #294
  • Fix: Fixed Unable to edit posts with Avada post builder #295

2.0.18 (05th January 2021)

  • New: Ads rotator feature #274
  • Fix: Exclude by city option. #289
  • Fix: Removed unnecessary code of adblocker. #287 (25th November 2020)

  • New: Special banner for the Black Friday #281
  • Fix: Fixed Ad condition getting erased while updating. #282

2.0.17 (12th November 2020)

  • New: Infolinks support #221
  • New: Advance Ads Migrator #115
  • New: Need an option to remove ads in tables #268
  • New: bbPress support #264

2.0.16 (23rd October 2020)

  • New: TCF 2.0 support #234
  • Fix: Cache Management issue #265
  • Fix: Targeting condition issue. #269

2.0.15 (14th October 2020)

  • New: lazy loading for Classic view #190
  • New: Optimize the file structure #247
  • New: Displaying warning in New interface option panel when adblocker enable. #258
  • Fix: Cache management #262

2.0.14 (06th October 2020)

  • New: Revenue sharing. #97
  • New: Bimber theme compatibility for auto next posts. #255
  • Fix: Added escaped and wp_localize #261

2.0.13 (24th September 2020)

  • New: Click fraud monitoring. #125
  • Fix: Hide ads not working for in content ads #249
  • Fix: Save button not working for some users #251 (23rd September 2020)

  • Fix: Fatal error #259 (15th September 2020)

  • Fix: Extra space/gap on ads for the mobile responsive ads #256 (14th September 2020)

  • Fix: Fixed Language issue. #254

2.0.12 (11th September 2020)

  • New: Added the matched contents ads feature #235
  • New: Adstxt lightbox Design #226
  • New: Added articles in these tooltips #228
  • New: Dropdown text colour #239
  • New: Design changes for Ad blocker 2.0 #219
  • New: Rating Internally and Telegram group in desc #240
  • Fix: Fixed width and height issue of the AdSense Ads through the shortcode #237
  • Fix: Improve create Ad option #220
  • Fix: Fixed empty tooltip? #227
  • Fix: Fixed the ugly popup #229
  • Fix: Fixed Search is not working #230
  • Fix: Changed visibility condition option position #231
  • Fix: Fixed Uncaught Reference Error #236
  • Fix: Increased the size of the pub id #238
  • Fix: Visibility condition not working in Image banner Ad #242
  • Fix: Shortcode ads are not hidden when an Ads was in draft #245
  • Fix: Ads inside the blockquote #246
  • Fix: Potential issue with the latest React / NPM version #250 (27th August 2020)

  • New: Geo Location improvements #156

2.0.11 (26th August 2020)

  • New: Geo Location Targeting for ads #156
  • New: AdsforWP Migrator #87 (17th August 2020)

  • New: WordPress 5.5 support #224
  • Fix: Console errors with 5.5 #225
  • Fix: WP 5.5 causing jQuery issues #232 (05th August 2020)

  • Removed: Helpscout beacon #223

2.0.10 (03rd August 2020)

  • New: AD blocker 2.0 #153
  • New: Taboola support #144
  • New: support #134
  • New: Outbrain support #143
  • New: MediaVine support #142
  • New: Background ad support #145
  • New: Ads in-between Loop #127
  • New: Added the ad option in the classic editor #201
  • New: Go Pro button in New interface #198
  • New: Adsense sub ad types #212
  • Fix: bug with MGID #214
  • Fix: Design issue #215
  • Fix: Adsense ad related script not loading #216
  • Fix: Changed help tab email Address #202
  • Fix: Loading… issue in the homepage with Extra theme #209
  • Fix: Hide Ads are not working on Elementor. #217 (03rd July 2020)

  • New: Show ads After HTML Tag #150
  • New: AMP by automattic compatibility #187
  • Fix: Switch to New should not Import the ads. #184
  • Fix: which and when color should be black #151
  • Fix: Issue in Random ads selection #197
  • Fix: Change tooltip #192

2.0.9 (07th July 2020)

  • New: Custom banner support Feature #109
  • New: Improve UX for “Create New AD” #159
  • New: Improve UX for Help tab #158
  • New: Delete popup ux improvement #161 (18th June 2020)

  • Fix: Fixed Lazy loading issue. #188 (17th June 2020)

  • Fix: Fixed AMP option is not working in PRO. #183 (13th June 2020)

  • Fix: Fixed debug error for 404 page. #170
  • Fix: Fixed common class is conflicting with other plugins #177

2.0.8 (12th June 2020)

  • New: MGID Integration #167
  • New: Added new Position to display Ad After word count #23
  • New: Added new Position to show Ad After 20,40,60,80 percent of content #175
  • New: Made Ads.txt modifiable #162
  • New: Ads not loading specific “page template” of Page attribute #53
  • New: Ampforwp & advances amp ads importer #163
  • Fix: Published going to auto Draft #169
  • Fix: Settings are opened, but the page is not selected #157
  • Fix: CSS shows in the head of the website in AMP after update #165
  • Fix: Responsive option not working #114
  • Fix: positioning bug Ad was displaying when two visibility options are selected #166
  • Fix: LazyLoad does not work in custom code having an Adsense code #170
  • Fix: Undefined variable Warning #177


  • New: Added a new option to Reapeat Ad After nth Paragraph #118
  • New: Added a URL of the site so it’s easier to help user #78
  • Fix: Incorrect stying and wrong tab opening #130
  • Fix: WPadmin toolbar has an invalid attribute in the AMP #129
  • Fix: Align and Margin are not working in AMP #131


  • New: Added ad label for individual post in new interface #117
  • New: Added a tutorial link in the Adsense #116
  • Fix: Fixed AMP single page data duplication issue. #123
  • Fix: Fixed http link is breaking the Secure protocol #126


  • New: Lazy Loading ads feature #104
  • Fix: Improved Conditions for user Targeting #99
  • Fix: Ads not working in the AMP, only appears the HTML #121


  • New: Yandex Integration
  • New: Added move positioning for AMP support.
  • Fix: adsbygoogle.js loading mutiple times.


  • New: Add Contact bubble in the Options panel.
  • New: Doubleclick (Google Ad Manager) Integration
  • Fix: error notification.


  • New: Shortcode support in New interface.
  • New: Allow ads on AMP pages.
  • Fix: Fixed Tooltips are not working.


  • New Random add module


  • New interface added


  • Fix: The content missing issue in WordPress 5.4 version.
  • Fix: Fixed amp validation issue.


  • Fix: Added vi banner dis-missable.
  • Fix: Debug Error in quads help tab.


  • Fix: HTML encoding issue


  • Fix: Changes support Email id form in help area.
  • New: Converting adsbygoogle to amp-ads for AMP.
  • Fix: Fixed jumping issue in quads settings.


  • New: Added support form in help area.
  • New: Added Email optin box with auto message
  • New: Added Margin & Padding options for AD Widget
  • New: Improve tab UX
  • Fix: updated the dependency in package-lock.json
  • Fix: Removed hello world block gutenberg module.


  • Feature: Created new mu-plugin for removing the WP QUADS shortcode when the plugin deactive/uninstall.
  • Fix: Assigned version number of Gutenberg module js and css files.


  • Fix: Fatal error for wordpress version below 5.0


  • Feature: Elementor module for ads #60


  • Feature: Gutenberg module for ads #60
  • Fix: Ads in middle of the post not working properly when custom HTML markup was added in the post #57


  • Fix: Quicktag buttons are not shown with Gutenberg editor #50


  • New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.3.0


  • New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.2.3


  • Fix: Updated for WordPress 5.2.x


  • Fix: Quicktags in editor not working any longer


  • Fix: Fatal error if Gutenberg is disabled


  • New: WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg support
  • New: WordPress 5.1 support
  • New: WordPress 5.1.1 support
  • Fix: Undefined offset in wpquads\adsense


  • Fix: Gutenberg breaks traditional admin notices so we remove our admin notices from the edit screen


  • New: Allow to show widget ads on homepage but disable all content ads
  • Fix: Widget ads are not counted correctly if the settings were saved incomplete


  • Fix: If post has more than 10 blockquotes the resulting blockquote order will be wrong

Complete changelog: